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May 14, 2019
Haygood Drive entry view

HSRB-II construction slated to begin later this year

The new Health Sciences Research Building (HSRB)-II, funded by a gift made last year by the Woodruff Foundation, is scheduled to begin construction in December. Located adjacent to HSRB-I, the building will have eight floors, six above grade and two partially below, with 346,000 gross square feet of space.The building is slated to include the following:

  • Experimental Research
  • Computation Research (2.5:1 wet-to-dry lab ratio)
  • Division of Animal Resources
  • Center for Systems Imaging (relocation from Wesley Woods)
  • Shared core labs, including Integrated Cellular Imaging, Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorter, Mass Spectrometry, Biorepository, 3D Printing and Fabrication, Biostatistics, and ABSL3-BSL3 Containment

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