Making research possible

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The Woodruff Health Sciences Center invested $136.5 million in research costs unrecovered from sponsors in fiscal year 2017-2018.

Collaboration is a hallmark of Research in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center.

The center regularly grants “Synergy” awards to incentivize collaboration among researchers from schools and units throughout health sciences and the rest of the university. The eight universities in the Georgia Research Alliance share core service facilities and equipment to avoid duplication of resources and encourage collaboration. And researchers here partner routinely with investigators at other universities and organizations in attracting external funds.

In fiscal year 2017-2018, researchers in the health sciences were awarded $685.8 million in grants from the NIH and other entities. This includes funds to support the Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance (comprising Emory, Georgia Tech, Morehouse School of Medicine, and University of Georgia); funds to Emory and Grady Hospital to study Atlanta car crashes and subsequent injury; and funds to create the Marcus Stroke Network to establish the region’s first mobile stroke unit, allowing medical teams to adminster stroke treatment to patients before they reach the hospital.

Such research is important to patients and society at large, but it involves significant investment on the part of research institutions, requiring building space, heating and air-conditioning, lights, custodial services, administrative management, and more. Each year, Emory covers a large portion of the infrastructure costs for research conducted here. Last year, for example, the Woodruff Health Sciences Center invested $136.5 million in such support costs unrecovered from research sponsors.