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31 January 2007
Public Health Conference to Weigh Impact of War on Health
Public health practitioners, clinicians and researchers from around the globe will explore the impact of war on mental, environmental, clinical, women's and public health at a Feb. 17 symposium.

The daylong conference titled "War and Health: A Symposium on Contemporary Issues" will be held at Emory University's White Hall at 480 Kilgo St. from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

"The conference will shed light on an aspect of war that is often overlooked – the effects of combat on the health of those living in war-torn areas as well as the impact on those who don't live in war zones but watch conflicts unfold through media," says Peter J. Brown, PhD, professor of anthropology and global health and director of the Center for Health, Culture and Society.

Conference speakers include Michael Westerhaus, anthropologist and Emory School of Medicine resident, Les Roberts, PhD, MPH, epidemiologist and author of a study on Iraqi civilian casualties, and Aun Lor, MPH, public health and human rights expert.

The following public health leaders also will share their research, fieldwork and/or personal experiences from working in war zones:

Mental Health

*Doug Bremner, MD, Emory University School of Medicine

*Kitty Kelley, PhD, DeKalb County Board of Health

*Charles Raison, MD, Emory University School of Medicine

*Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD, Emory University School of Medicine

Public Health

*Ramadan Assi, Rollins School of Public Health

*Martha Carey, Emory University

*Mark Mosely, Partners in Health/MAP International

Clinical Medicine

*Thura Taha Abd, MD, Rollins School of Public Health

*John F. Detro, PA-C

*Diana Ngozi Kennedy, Rollins School of Public Health

Women and Children

*Mir Omar Masoud Atefi, Rollins School of Public Health

*Philip Johnston, PhD, Enable-USA

*Pamela Scully, PhD, Emory University

The "War and Health" conference is sponsored by the Emory Global Health Organization; Center for Health, Culture and Society; Institute of Human Rights; Emory Physician Assistant Students International; Physicians for Human Rights and the International Student Association for Health and Human Rights.

"While force may sometimes be necessary to create security, 'pre-emptive war' is antithetical to the goals of global health, which seeks to save lives and reduce suffering of people all over the world," Brown says.

Conference registration is free. To register, email your name and contact information to


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