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Media Contact: Alicia Lurry 06 October 2006    
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Emory Husband-Wife Duo Team Up to Write Book on Overcoming Pain
Two Emory University faculty members have written an easy-to-read comprehensive pain guide for patients and family members that explains and outlines treatment options for arthritis, back and neck pain, angina, diabetes, and other afflictions. "Overcoming Pain: What it Is, Why It Is, and Successful Ways to Treat It" is written by Allan Platt, PA-C, a faculty member in the Emory Physician Assistant Program and his wife, Susan Platt, MD, clinical instructor at the Emory University School of Medicine.

"There are over 48 million Americans experiencing chronic daily pain and it was our goal to arm them with knowledge about managing pain," says Allan Platt, the book's lead author and an Emory Physician Assistant Program graduate who worked clinically for 25 years at Grady Memorial Hospital, mainly as the program coordinator for the Georgia Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at Grady Memorial Hospital, before joining the PA program as a full-time faculty member. "Severe pain is the primary reason sickle cell patients and others come to the hospital for care. We have the medications and tools to help patients in pain, but we need to do a better job educating clinical providers and patients on how to properly use what we have."

Dr. Platt graduated from the Emory School of Medicine and completed her Internal Medicine residency in the Emory-Grady health system. She, too, sees patients daily who suffer from chronic pain. She says "Overcoming Pain" focuses on the pain that "won't go away." "It provides an in-depth look at the types of pain, its root causes, its diagnosis, and its relief through both new and traditional medications – as well as alternative remedies – that have been proven to be effective," she says. "It offers a toolbox approach to help those with chronic pain maintain a balanced life."

The book is also co-written by Cathy Hedrich, RPT, Susan Platt's sister, and a registered physical therapist with over 20 years experience in hospital and home-based therapy. She has assisted patients with chronic pain using non-medication treatments. She helps describe mind-body-alternative treatments for the book.

The American Pain Foundation, one of the nation's largest patient support organizations, endorses "Overcoming Pain." William Rowe, executive director of the American Pain Foundation, wrote the book's foreword.

"This book is not only an important read, but an important reference resource," Rowe says. "As people search for the combination of elements for their pain management plan, this book can be a guide each time there is a question about which way to turn. A thank you to the authors for providing such an easy read and comprehensive map."

The Emory Physician Assistant program is ranked third out of 137 PA programs in the nation. The program emphasizes primary health care and preventive medicine and seeks to interest students in providing primary care to underserved populations. For more information, please visit the program's website at

"Overcoming Pain" can be purchased online at

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