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Media Contact: Tia McCollors 13 May 2004    
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Emory Offers Tips to Fight Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic in Free Public Seminar
As Americans' waistlines expand, so does their risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Medical researchers refer to these three linked conditions -- obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes - as Metabolic Syndrome. A free public seminar at Emory University on Saturday, May 22 will address the issues related to ways to combating this emerging health problem.

In an effort to educate the public on preventive measures, "New Strategies to Prevent Diabetes and Obesity: The Latest in Diet, Fitness and Drug Therapy," will be held at 9:30 a.m. in the auditorium of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Administration Building on the Emory campus at 1440 Clifton Road.

Medical experts from Emory, Northwestern University, University of Colorado and University of California at Los Angeles, will address issues related to diabetes and obesity. Topics will include discussions of an optimal diet to prevent obesity, types and frequency of exercise, children's risk for diabetes and updates on medications for diabetes and high cholesterol. The closing session will be an "ask-the-expert" panel of the nationally recognized physicians.

"The public seminar is an avenue to empower people to make healthy lifestyle choices," says Thomas R. Ziegler, MD, associate professor of medicine, Department of Medicine, and director of the Emory Center for Clinical and Molecular Nutrition. "When people are educated about disease prevention and management, they can integrate healthy approaches into their daily lives."

About 25 percent of adults over the age of 20 and close to 50 percent of adults over the age of 50 in the United States have the component risk factors that make up Metabolic Syndrome, also known as Syndrome X. The condition causes an increased risk of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other diseases related to plaque buildups in artery walls. Its diagnosis is based on the presence of three or more cardiovascular disease risk factors, including increased abdominal fat, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, evidence of mild generalized inflammation, low blood levels of "good" cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) and/or high blood levels of triglycerides (circulating fats in the blood).

A scientific symposium for health professionals to be held on Friday, May 21 will precede the public seminar. Thirteen nationally recognized experts on this increasingly common disorder will lead sessions that focus on the clinical characteristics, pathogenesis and treatment of the Metabolic Syndrome, its associated conditions, and future research directions.

For more information about the free public seminar, call (404) 727-5695.

Newest Strategies to Prevent Diabetes and Obesity: The Latest In Diet, Fitness and Drug Therapy

Saturday, May 22, 2004 Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center Administration Building, Auditorium Emory University, 1440 Clifton Road

9:30 a.m. Welcome Thomas R. Ziegler, MD, Director Emory Center for Clinical and Molecular Nutrition

9:45 a.m. An Optimal Diet to Prevent Obesity (learn all about Atkins and more) Robert F. Kushner, MD Northwestern University Medical School

10:00 a.m. Exercise: What Type and How Much? Holly R. Wyatt, MD University of Colorado

10:15 a.m. Are Your Kids At Risk For Diabetes? Francine R. Kaufman, MD University of California, Los Angeles

10:45 a.m. Update on Medications for Diabetes Guillermo E. Umpierrez, MD Emory University School of Medicine Division of Diabetes, Metabolism and Lipids

11:00 a.m. Update on Medications for High Cholesterol W. Virgil Brown, MD Emory University School of Medicine Division of Diabetes, Metabolism and Lipids

11:15 a.m. Ask the Expert: A Panel With Nationally Recognized Doctors

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