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Media Contact: Suzanne Faulk 06 October 2005    
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Emory Crawford Long Hospital Expands Partnership with Whole Foods Market
Emory Crawford Long Hospital has forged an expanded partnership with Whole Foods Market, the world's leading natural and organic foods supermarket. The partnership includes new dining options, a lecture series, and a program for new parents.

Patients and visitors to Emory Crawford Long Hospital will now have the added convenience of selecting from Whole Foods Market products at the hospital's Seasonings Cafe, which now has a special food presentation case that offers 42 varieties of the Whole Foods Market pre-packaged prepared foods items.

This marks the first time that Whole Foods Market will sell its ready-to-eat prepared foods in a hospital, and nutritionists at Emory Crawford Long Hospital welcomed the opportunity.

"At Emory Healthcare, we try to provide food selections that encourage healthy eating options. Whole Foods Market's focus on natural and organic products provides patients and visitors with yet another alternative," says Lynn Moore, assistant director of Food and Nutrition Services at Emory Healthcare.

Flavorful food items -- some developed specifically for Seasonings Cafe -- include teriyaki shrimp and vegetable noodle bowls, black bean and cheese burritos, wild mushroom lasagna, grilled vegetable quesadillas and spinach and red pepper quiche. These items are among 42 different pre-packaged items now available in the cafe, with 30 to 35 items available at any given time. The prepared foods items are easy options as a to-go meal, and they are easy to heat and serve for guests who wish to dine in and enjoy a hot meal at the cafe.

"The idea for this partnership began with a free lecture series featuring Emory Healthcare presenters interacting with Whole Foods Market customers who were in attendance," says Russ Benblatt, marketing manager for Whole Foods Market. "We quickly learned that the Emory Healthcare staff, patients, and their families wanted to see us working together, and Seasonings Cafe is a perfect place to fulfill that request."

"Whole Foods Market will use the Emory Healthcare partnership as a model to roll out similar programs in other cities across the U.S.," adds Benblatt.

"Adding Whole Foods Market products to our selection also allows us to expand our vegetarian options for that growing segment of our customer base," says Nicole Cronican, manager of the Seasonings Cafe in Emory Crawford Long Hospital.

The new partnership expands beyond the offerings in the cafe. The Emory Crawford Long Hospital Maternity Center has teamed up with Whole Foods Market to offer gift certificates to new parents following a birth at Emory Crawford Long.

The Emory Healthcare and Whole Foods Market partnership began with a series of free lectures and demonstrations for the public on topics including how to make your own baby food, nutrition for breastfeeding, the connection between food and cancer, heart healthy cooking, gluten-free foods, and the joy of soy. All lectures are held at the Midtown Whole Foods Market and feature an Emory Healthcare expert as well as a Whole Foods Market product specialist.

"In developing this lecture series, we realized just how many topics are related to health and nutrition. It only made sense to combine our healthcare expertise with Whole Foods Market's approach to natural and organic foods," said Melissa Forster-Green, marketing manager for Emory Healthcare Women's Services. "We want to encourage people to make smart decisions for their health, diet and lifestyle."

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