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Media Contact: Joy Bell 19 January 2005    
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Emory Eye Center Offers New Vision Correction Procedure for Severe Myopia
For those people who have dealt with severe degrees of myopia yet have not been good candidates for surgeries such as LASIK, a new implant may provide them new hope -- and new vision.

The new Verisyse phakic intra-ocular lens implant can be inserted into an eye that still retains its own lens ("phakic"). In approving the new procedure, the FDA cited Ophtec studies-one of which was conducted at Emory Eye Center with Doyle Stulting, MD, PhD, as principal investigator-stating that after 3 years, 92% of the patients who received their lens had 20/40 or better vision, and 44% had 20/20 or better.

Insertion of the lens is a short (15-30 minutes) outpatient procedure, with a quick recovery time and no removal of tissue. An incision is made in the eye and the tiny lens is centered on the iris and directly over the pupil. The lens will remain in this location permanently, although it can easily be removed if necessary. Excellent visual acuity is achieved almost immediately after surgery. The Verisyse lens design has a long track record of success in Europe and has been safely implanted in more than 150,000 eyes worldwide.

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