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Media Contact: Sarah Goodwin 20 June 2008    
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Human Research Protection Group Accredits Emory University
The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc. (AAHRPP) today announced that it has accredited Emory University and 21 other organizations.

"Accreditation holds organizations to the highest standards of protection, so each accreditation marks another milestone for research participants and for all of us who are committed to safe, ethical, excellent research," says AAHRPP President and CEO Marjorie A. Speers, PhD.

"As more organizations attain accreditation, participants will be able to consider accreditation status when deciding whether to participate in a particular research study," she adds. "Participants will have more options, and organizations will have even more incentive to pursue AAHRPP accreditation."

Through the rigorous accreditation process, organizations must demonstrate that they have built extensive safeguards into every level of their research operation and that they adhere to the highest standards for research.

"Accreditation is important to Emory because it validates our efforts to provide a safe and ethical environment for the conduct of human research," says David L. Wynes, Emory University vice president for research administration.

AAHRPP's standards exceed federal regulations by requiring organizations to address conflict of interest, to provide community outreach and education and to apply the same stringent protections to all research involving human participants. Under federal regulations, such protections are mandated only for federally sponsored or regulated research. The accreditation process typically results in system-wide improvements that enhance protections for research participants and promote high-quality research.

Accreditation is available to U.S. and international organizations that conduct biomedical or behavioral and social sciences research involving human participants. The list of accredited organizations includes community, VA and teaching hospitals; universities; independent institutional review boards; research institutes and contract research organizations. Accreditation is valid for three years.

AAHRPP is a nonprofit organization that works with organizations that conduct human research to raise the level of protection for research participants and to promote ethically sound research. The accreditation program utilizes a voluntary, peer-driven, educational model.

To date, 129 organizations representing more than 550 entities have earned AAHRPP accreditation. Forty-two percent of the nation's research-intensive universities, 36 percent of U.S. medical schools and 52 percent of Department of Veterans Administration facilities are now accredited.

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