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Media Contact: Holly Korschun 04 December 2007    
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Emory Global Health Institute Launches Global Health Field Scholars Program
The Emory University Global Health Institute (GHI) has launched its Global Health Field Scholar Awards program, offering new and innovative global learning opportunities to Emory students across the University. The program will offer financial awards to individual students and to teams of students seeking to gain knowledge and practical experience by conducting global health field projects.

Building on a recently established awards program aimed at helping individual students gain academic and practical experience in global health, the program will now offer students two new opportunities: one involving teams that develop their own global health projects, and the other involving multidisciplinary teams working on site-initiated projects at GHI partner sites. GHI partner sites are organizations with which GHI has formed partnerships through its funded faculty programs.

"We would like to assist students throughout Emory who are interested in global health to be able to work and learn in a pre-selected project/site, chosen for its educational opportunity," says Jeffrey P. Koplan, MD, MPH, director of the Emory Global Health Institute.

The awards:

The Individual Field Scholar Awards, established in spring 2007, are open to all Emory students and support academic study and practical experience on global health projects with underserved, vulnerable populations in any country.

The Team Field Scholar Awards assist students in gaining practical global health experience on team projects focusing on a variety of topics and disciplines such as research, education, business, disease prevention and treatment. Team members can include students and mentors from across the University.

The Partner Site Field Scholar Awards provide students with the opportunity to complete field work at GHI's partner sites while working with a multidisciplinary team of students, mentors and advisors. For the 2008 awards, partner site mentors will work with Emory faculty mentors to identify opportunities for teams of students enrolled in the schools of allied health, medicine, nursing and public health. Beginning in 2009, students from across the University will be eligible to apply for Partner Site Field Scholar Awards.

Emory students in all three awards programs will work on site for a minimum of six weeks in the summer and then will share their experiences with the Emory community at the Global Health Scholars Symposium during the fall.

"The program is a wonderful educational opportunity. We want people to realize that health is not just the treatment of disease. There are so many other disciplines involved in global health such as economics, anthropology, theology, education, law, journalism and business. There is a component for students across the entire University, they just may not be aware of it," says Suzanne Mason, coordinator of Global Health Learning Programs for GHI.

For more information about the Global Health Institute Field Scholar Awards, including application deadlines, visit The Emory Global Health Institute was established in 2006 with the mission of advancing Emory University's efforts to improve health around the world.

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