Patient Assistance Fund helps those with financial need


Receiving a cancer diagnosis not only leads to the question of "How will I beat this disease?", but also "How do I afford it?"

Jim Hankins, social services director of Winship, aimed to answer the latter concern when he established the Winship Patient Assistance Fund in 2002.

The funds come from a variety of sources, with donations often varying in size, says Hankins. For example, Paint Georgia Pink last December made a very generous donation to help breast cancer patients with financial need. Paint Georgia Pink, which raises money in memory of Randi Passoff, holds especially novel fundraisers, such as its Pink Pirate’s Ball in February, to help breast cancer patients with financial need.

The fund also receives support from other fundraising endeavors, both from patients as well as from the Winship community. "Everyone's coming together to make this happen," says Hankins. The amount of money available depends on "what's in the account," explains Hankins. "When funds are available, we are able to assist."

Because of the sluggish economy, more patients are facing financial challenges than they are when times are good, Hankins says. Thus, donations are especially appreciated.

Donations are accepted in form of cash or check made out to the Winship Patient Assistance Fund. Contact Mark Hughes at (404) 778-1288 for questions about donating.

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