Spreading the Word and Holiday Cheer


When Bobby Rearden was diagnosed with leukemia in 2004, he remembers the cancer center director saying,"We're going to make you well, but you have to tell the world about Winship." And that's what he and his wife Dell have been doing ever since.

The Reardens have found many ways to give back. Instead of exchanging holiday gifts with friends, they honor them with a significant year-end contribution to Winship. They visit patients and nursing staff at Emory University Hospital every year during the holidays, bearing goodies and small gifts."Leukemia patients tell me they feel inspired and hopeful when they see how well I've recovered," Rearden said.

Rearden serves on the external board that advises Winship regarding its status as a cancer center designated by the National Cancer Institute. He and Dell both are founding members of Winship's Advisory Board and are members of Friends of Winship."Winship is so important and does so much and not enough people know about it. That's been our passion: to spread the word," he said.

Learn about the ways you can support Winship, from year-end giving to estate bequests by calling the Winship development office at 404-778-5175 or visiting www.winshipcancer.emory.edu/support.

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