Seats Campaign Funds Scholarships

Campaign Funds Scholarships

The Seating Our Future Campaign raised more than $33,000 for scholarships. In just six months, campaign participants purchased a total of 133 seats in Rollins Auditorium. All of the seats bear plaques in honor or in memory of alumni, friends, faculty, staff, students, family members, mentors, and public health leaders.

This spring, approximately 50 donors and honorees gathered to celebrate the campaign’s success and find their rightful seats in the auditorium.

As Seats Campaign chair Lisa Carlson 93MPH can attest, receiving a scholarship to Rollins can be life-changing. Her education led her to become an administrator with the Emory Transplant Center and an alumni leader and adjunct faculty member at Rollins.

“Thank you,” Carlson told guests at the Seats celebration. “Your support means a great deal in helping open doors for our students.”


Photos identified starting at top left and going clockwise:

1. Seats chair Lisa Carlson 93MPH

2. Richard Levinson (right) purchased seven seats honoring Rollins’ top teachers. Roger Rochat (left) and John Boring also had seats purchased in their honor.

3. Biostatistician Robert Lyles (left), and his father, Justin Lyles, purchased a seat in memory of Peggy Lyles, mother and wife.

4. Ellen Whitney 01MPH purchased a seat for Rollins Professor Ruth Berkelman. Both serve in the Department of Epidemiology.

5. Founding dean Ray Greenberg (front) and former CDC director David Sencer had Rollins Auditorium seats purchased in their honor.

6. Karl Hagen purchased a seat honoring his wife, Kimberley Hagen, assistant director of the Emory Center for AIDS Research.

7. Katherine Ragland 11MPH was honored by her mother, who purchased a seat for her daughter as a Christmas gift. Ragland is a health policy major.


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