Grassroots Advocate

Daniel Blumenthal

Daniel Blumenthal 86MPH

Commencement speaker Daniel Blumenthal 86MPH did not intend to make a political speech but then again, the public health field is political. From tobacco control and safe water to health care reform, public health experts advocate change to protect the health of populations. "Change at the top will not take place until you hear from those at the grassroots level," he reminded the Class of 2009. "I hope you will not forget to focus on community because that’s where change starts." Blumenthal is chair of community health and preventive medicine at Morehouse School of Medicine.

Elizabeth Downes and Deborah McFarland

L-R: Elizabeth Downes (Nursing) and
Deborah McFarland (RSPH) share
Emory Williams Teaching Award honors.

Michael Kutner and Roger Rochat

Michael Kutner (left) presents the
Thomas F. Sellers Jr. Award to Roger Rochat.

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