PI Name Name Title  Total 
Thompson,Nancy J DARTMOUTH COLLEGE Sustainability, Distribution and Cost-effectiveness of Self-Management for persons 119,127.00
Thompson,Nancy J CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL Integrated Personnel Agreement for Nancy J. Thompson 24,974.00
Blais,Linelle Marie RAPIDES FOUNDATION The Rapides Foundation Grant Agreement 125,000.00
Hertzberg,Vicki Stover GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Assessing the Rate of Infectious Disease Transmission in an Aircraft Cabin 16,000.00
Kowalski,Jeanne GEORGIA CANCER COALITION Distinguished Cancer Clinician Scientists Program 85,554.00
Freeman,Matthew Charles FHI DEVELOPMENT 360 LLC SPLASH-Research on dehydration and behavior change in Zambian schools 7,466.00
Clasen,Thomas F LONDON SCHOOL OF HYGIENE AND TROPICAL ME Orissa Trial- Assessing the Effect of Improved Rural Sanitation on Diarrhoea 49,583.00
Barr,Dana Boyd INSTITUTO NACIONAL DESAUL PUBLICA Prenatal Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors and the Risk of Overweight, Obesity 45,000.00
Ward,Kevin C UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN The Challenge of Individualizing Treatment For Patients With Breast Cancer 102,768.00
Sanchez,Travis GILEAD SCIENCES HIV FOCUS (HIV on the Frontline of Communities in the US). 38,190.00
Fedirko,Veronika WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Vitamin D Genes & CRC IARC APW/NEP/2014/03 3,168.00
Flanders,William Dana AMER CANCER SOCIETY ACS Service Agreement 62,813.00
Sun,Yan V US DEPT OF VETERAN AFFAIRS Veterans Administration Medical Center IPA 18,541.00
Druss,Benjamin G UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Quality, Economic Outcomes, and Sustainability of Telepsychiatry (QUEST) 299,648.00
Moe,Christine Lorraine BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION Assessment of Fecal Exposure Pathways in Low-Income Urban Settings 744,739.00
Del Rio,Carlos CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL Gonococcal Isolate Surviellance Project (GISP) Regional Labs 77,957.00
Omer,Saad Bin BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION Efficacy and Immunogenicity of Tdap Immunization of Pregnant Women for Preventing 1,700,000.00
Omer,Saad Bin KAISER FOUNDATION RESEARCH HEALTH PLAN HPV Vaccine Effectiveness for Prevention of Anogenital Warts in Females Enrolled 15,257.00
Omer,Saad Bin NIH NATL INST OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS A comprehensive pre-natal intervention to increase vaccine coverage 821,701.00
Breiman,Robert F BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION Advisory Board for TSAP and CaT surveillance grants 854,341.00
Venkat Narayan,Kabayam M. COCA COLA COMPANY TCCC - Funds for ELANS board participation and advice 10,000.00
Moe,Christine Lorraine GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY Development of Point of Care Diagnostics for Norovirus 117,000.00
Nizam,Azhar JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Epidemiology and Ecology of Vibrio Cholera in Bangladesh 160,060.00
Peng,Limin UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN Newborn Screening, Malnutrition and Lung Disease in Children with Cystic Fibrosis 5,256.00
Long,Qi NIH NATL CANCER INSTITUTE Feature Selection for Genomic Data Using Known and Novel Biological Information 69,255.00
Kelley,Mary Elizabeth FEINSTEIN INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH A Trial of Opening Doors to Recovery 21,837.00
Levy,Karen UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA Does Salmonella Move through the Irrigation Systems of Mixed Produce Farms 30,266.00
Freeman,Matthew Charles CARE SWASH+ 2: Sustaining school WASH governance 89,153.00
Miller,Gary W NIH NATL INST OF ENVIRONMENTAL HLTH SCIE Vesicular modulation of dopamine neuron toxicity 348,921.00
Ryan,P Barry Underwriters Laboratories Inc Chemical and Particle Pollutant Exposure from furniture, 3D printers and component 349,822.00
Kleinbaum,David G CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL CDC IPA David Kleinbaum 1,012.40
Goodman,Michael VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY Generating Critical Patient-Centered Information for Decision Making in Localized 56,784.00
Taussig,Jennifer CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL CDC IPA Taussig 72,047.00
Lash,Timothy L SCIMETRIKA Develop Quantitative Bias Analysis Methodology for Post-Licensure Surveillance Epi 38,417.00
Howard,David H PFIZER The Social Value of Cancer Medications 69,553.00
Adams,E Kathleen OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Medicaid Expansion and Reproductive Health Care for Women (State) -
Druss,Benjamin G UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA QUEST Administrative Supplement 69,394.00
Lipscomb Jr,Joseph NRG ONCOLOGY FOUNDATION, INC. NRG Oncology NCORP Research Base 29,200.00
Stephenson,Robert CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK Addressing Substance Use through CVCT 18,343.00
Stein,Aryeh D. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA University of Pennsylvania Population Aging Research Center Pilot Study 46,800.00
Omer,Saad Bin ROBERT WOOD JOHNSON FOUNDATION Capitalizing on Recent Changes to School Immunization Requirements 149,111.00
Moe,Christine Lorraine ASSIGN INTERNATIONAL GmbH Norovirus acute gastroenteritis among international travelers from the United Stat 277,395.00
Venkat Narayan,Kabayam M. WESTAT Westat - NHLBI COE publications 71,995.00
Castro,Kenneth G US AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT USAID IPA for Kenneth Castro, MD 591,598.00
Koplan,Jeffrey P. CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL Advancing National Public Health Institutes Globally 1,100,000.00
Blais,Linelle Marie CARTER CONSULTING INC Carter Consulting 22,728.00
Chang,Howard Haw NIH NATL INST OF ENVIRONMENTAL HLTH SCIE Statistical Methods for Exposure Uncertainty in Air Pollution and Health Studies 169,048.00
Kelley,Mary Elizabeth DARTMOUTH COLLEGE Identifying Biomarkers for Treatment Resistant Depression Using Neuroimaging 21,444.00
Long,Qi NIH NATL INST OF NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS Statistical Methods for Causal Inference in Observational Studies 193,729.00
Freeman,Matthew Charles UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO Sanitation, Water, and Instruction in Face-Washing for Trachoma 18,436.00
Liu,Yang UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA Evaluate and Enhance Suomi Products for Air Quality and Public Health Applications 22,388.00
Freeman,Matthew Charles TASK FORCE FOR GLOBAL HEALTH, INC Environmental monitoring in the control of soil-transmitted helminthiasis 22,276.00
Freeman,Matthew Charles WORLD BANK Ethiopia Community-Led Total Sanitation and Hygiene Impact Evaluation Concept Note 21,199.00
Kleinbaum,David G CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL CDC IPA David Kleinbaum 100,840.00
Sullivan,Patrick Sean NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY Keep It Up 92,045.00
Bostick,Roberd M UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA An Integrated Study of Mitochondrial Pathways in Coloerectal Cancer 21,058.00
Spaulding,Anne C ELTON JOHN AIDS FDTN Center for the Health of Incarcerated Persons--Successful Linkages 50,000.00
Goodman,Michael UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Effectiveness of Screening Colonoscopy in Reducing Deaths from Colorectal Cancer 35,608.00
Druss,Benjamin G NIH NATL INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH Mentoring and Research: Public Health Interventions to Improve Health in SMI 177,529.00
Adams,E Kathleen UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Medicaid Drug Therapy Management Program for Behavioral Health Care 35,200.00
Stein,Aryeh D. BOSTON UNIVERSITY Growth Recovery, Schooling and Cognition: A 4-Country Cohort Study of Children 48,257.00
Omer,Saad Bin THRASHER RESEARCH FUND Efficacy and Immunogenicity of Tdap Immunization of Pregnant Women for Preventing 478,285.00
Vidal Graniel,Jorge Eugenio Murdoch Children's Research Institute Monitoring Pneumococcal Carriage and Vaccine Imapct 90,642.00
Moe,Christine Lorraine GE Foundation Safe Water: Access to Clean Water in Health Facilities and Communities 1,220,232.00
Stephenson,Robert UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI Development of a HIV prevention toolkit for at-risk HIV-negative male couples 20,679.00
Ali,Mohammed Kumail CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL CDC Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement (IPA) 53,657.00