PI Name Name Title  Total 
Brody,Gene H. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA Social Determinants of Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome among African Americans 15,763.00
Cooper,Hannah L.F. NIH NATL INSTITUE ON DRUG ABUSE Metropolitan Trajectories of HIV Epidemics and Responses in US Key Populations 898,575.00
Kegler,Michelle Crozier HealthMPowers NAP-Ed Evaluation Contract 55,000.00
Sarnat,Jeremy A. HARVARD UNIVERSITY Assessment of the potential impact of global warming on residential exposures 104,876.00
Ryan,P Barry NIH NATL INST OF CHILD HEALTH AND HUMAN PO HHSN275201400162P for National Children's Study 11,000.00
Lash,Timothy L NIH NATL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH New and integrated perspectives on modification of tamoxifen effectiveness 536,872.00
Spaulding,Anne C NIH NATL INSTITUE ON DRUG ABUSE Planning For SUCCESS 338,819.00
Fedirko,Veronika NIH NATL CANCER INSTITUTE Vitamin D3, Calcium and Inflammation, Immunomodulation and Colonic Permeability 81,695.00
Gandhi,Neel R CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL Neel Gandhi CDC-IPA 5,000.00
Sullivan,Kevin M CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL CDC - IPA Kevin Sullivan 62,811.00
Sullivan,Patrick Sean THEYFIT LLC A study to improve the fit of HIV prevention methods 375,375.00
Sullivan,Patrick Sean NIH NATL INST OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS Understanding disparities in effective HIV treatment and prevention: Involvement+ 771,600.00
Sullivan,Patrick MAC COSMETICS FOUNDATION WEB-Based Behavioral Surveillance for US MSM 150,000.00
Druss,Benjamin G NIH NATL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH A Peer-Led, Medical Disease Self-Management Program for Mental Health Consumers 603,172.00
Adams,E Kathleen OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Medicaid Expansion and Reproductive Health Care for Women 65,875.00
Adams,E Kathleen OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Medicaid Expansion and Reproductive Health Care for Women (State) 11,625.00
Saltman,Richard B WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Health Reform in Europe 35,394.00
Venkat Narayan,Kabayam M. NIH NATL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH Health systems & implementation sciences institute for NCDs 222,177.00
Blevins,John B. Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd Interfaith Health Program PPP 500,000.00
Ali,Mohammed Kumail UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON IHME-UoW: Efficacy to Effectiveness Project 119,975.00
Ali,Mohammed Kumail NIH NATL INST OF DIABETES DIGESTIVE AND Are diabetes risk and preventive behaviors shared in households? 195,684.00
Del Rio,Carlos CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL Gonococcal Isolate Surviellance Project (GISP) Regional Labs 77,957.00
Stein,Aryeh D. CARE CARE-ECD 37,000.00
Koplan,Jeffrey P. CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL Advancing National Public Health Institutes Globally 4,200,000.00
Koplan,Jeffrey P. BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION SEED Supplement 351,713.00
Waters,Roseanne MARCUS FOUNDATION Combating Childhood Illness 300,000.00
Brody,Gene H. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA HIV-Related Behavior among Rural African American Young Adult Men 17,839.00
Wingood,Gina M. AGENCY FOR HEALTHCARE RES AND QUALITY Faith in Sustaining SISTA 299,247.00
Thompson,Nancy J NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Managing Epilepsy Well: Adapting Project UPLIFT for Hispanic Adults with Epilepsy 11,601.00
Thompson,Winifred Wilkins KOMEN BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION ATLANTA Addressing Triple Negative Breast Cancer in the African American and Caribbean com 135,000.00
Escoffery,Ngoc-Cam T US DEPT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Cognitive Disorders Specialty Care Education Center of Excellence Atlanta VA Medic 16,279.00
Blais,Linelle Marie TEMPLE UNIVERSITY National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach Training -Temple University 11,309.00
Barr,Dana UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA DAVIS MARBLES (Markers of Autism Risk in Babies) 16,000.00
Miller,Gary W NIH NATL INST OF ENVIRONMENTAL HLTH SCIE HERCULES: Health and Exposome Research Center at Emory 1,193,905.00
Sarnat,Jeremy A. HEALTH EFFECTS INSTITUTE Developing Multipollutant Indicators of Traffic Pollution 303,480.00
Clasen,Thomas F UNILEVER U.K. CENTRAL RESOURCES LIMITED Development of Unilever Sanitation Guidelines 66,764.00
Ryan,P Barry NIH NATL INST OF CHILD HEALTH AND HUMAN PO HHSN275201400450P for National Children's Study 21,000.00
Kleinbaum,David G CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL CDC IPA David Kleinbaum -
Drews-Botsch,Carolyn Dawson CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL CDC IPA 28,646.00
Flanders,William Dana CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL CDC-IPA W. Dana Flanders 107,600.00
Sullivan,Patrick Sean NIH NATL INSTITUE ON DRUG ABUSE Understanding substance use and incident HIV/STI among young black MSM 657,646.00
Knight,Jessica Holley AMER HEART ASSOCIATION Understanding Academics, Behavior, and Quality of Life in Children with Congenital 26,000.00
Stein,Aryeh D. NIH NATL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH Early childhood nutrition and adult metabolomic and cardiometabolic profiles 486,732.00
Winskell Enger,Samantha Kate GLOBAL DIALOGUES TRUST Global Dialogues Trust Contract 26,389.00
Yount,Kathryn Mary Qatar University Women's Empowerment and Prenatal Mental Health in Qatar 256,750.00
Leon,Juan USDA-ARS Informed Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment for Viral Contamination of Fresh P 499,968.00
Brachman,Philip S INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION 2015 Humphrey Fellowship Program Enhancement Workshop 30,414.00
Hennink,Monique Marcelle CHILDRENS HEALTHCARE OF ATLANTA CHOA School Nutrition Assessment 3,400.00
Pachon,Helena McKING CONSULTING CORPORATION McKing FFI Funding for Helena Pachon 94,064.00
Koplan,Jeffrey P. BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION SEED Supplement 1,211,534.00
Cooper,Hannah L.F. BETH ISRAEL DEACONESS MEDICAL CENTER Evaluating ART for All HIV Seropositives: Can it work with the hardest cases? 41,507.00
Thompson,Nancy J MOREHOUSE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Adapting promoting and disseminating evidence-based epilepsy self management progr 97,654.00
Blais,Linelle Marie SOUTH DAKOTA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH South Dakota Implementation TA-contract 22,000.00
Clasen,Thomas F BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION Assessing the Health Impact and Cost of the Gram Vikas Sanitation Program 225,000.00
Saltman,Richard B VARDAL FDTN A Health Policy Network Stimulating Innovation and Policy Options 56,064.00
Venkat Narayan,Kabayam M. COCA COLA COMPANY South Asia Health and Wellness Tracking Program 605,460.00