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Alison Schlenger, 07N 08MN, President, Nurses’ Alumni Association

Alison Schlenger, 07N 08MN, President, Nurses’ Alumni Association

How exciting to celebrate the first decade of the PhD program at the School of Nursing! Choosing to become a nurse researcher takes vision, dedication, determination, and commitment. As we enter a transformative period in health care, nurse scientists will continue to lead the way in developing innovative, interdisciplinary solutions to our greatest problems.

Our school’s PhD program encourages the development of health care solutions that combine the science of nursing with emerging clinical research. While conducting their studies, nursing investigators use content from associated fields, including health policy, ethics, and health outcomes. Our PhD students are mentored by faculty who conduct studies that provide bedside nurses with novel approaches to patient care as well as education.

The energy and innovation generated by the PhD program is evident in ongoing research at the school. Current projects include Sandra Dunbar’s three-year, $1.3 million grant from the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) to examine quality of life among heart failure patients with diabetes. This research project, combined with another two-year, $425,000 grant from NINR, will provide primary care nurses with evidence-based approaches to improve self-management and outcomes for these patients.

Our current PhD candidates have research interests that address changes in delivery of patient care, health systems and outcomes, nursing workforce issues, and cross-cultural communication among health care providers of different cultures.

When visiting the School of Nursing, you can sense the energy, vitality, and innovation within its corridors. These positive forces for change in nursing and health care engender pride among all our alumni. We salute our nursing faculty and leaders and look forward to celebrating when our students, including our current PhD candidates, can proudly declare themselves Emory alumni.

Alison Schlenger 07N 08MN
President, Nurses’ Alumni Association 

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