The whole nurse

Elizabeth Mabry

Elizabeth Mabry’s friends and family celebrated with her when the scholarship fund in her name reached $100,000. The retired School of Nursing professor served Emory University for 35 years, teaching everything from the basic sciences to surgical nursing.

“I’m very grateful and humble and a little bit in disbelief,” she told the crowd gathered at the Miller-Ward alumni house in February. “They [students] didn’t know how much I didn’t know when I taught them. Nursing has provided me so much satisfaction, and Emory has been so good to me.”

Betty Marie Steward and Elizabeth Mabry

Betty Marie Stewart 52N and 
Elizabeth Mabry

The class of 1952, headed by Betty Marie Stewart, started the Mabry scholarship the night of their 50th reunion. Approximately $13,000 was donated that first night, and the fund grew from there. For Stewart, the fund was a way to honor a faculty member who was special to her and to help future nurses.  
“Elizabeth taught us that it was important to establish a rapport with the patient,” Stewart says. “We were there to listen, we were there to look, we were there to assess. And when we left the room, we were to have established a relationship with that patient.”

“There were some life lessons that she would tell us that no one else would,” says Sally Lehr 65N 76MSN. “One of the pieces of advice she gave us was, ‘You don’t have to do it perfectly, but you do have to do it well.’ She was our teacher, our role model, and our friend. She is what Betty Marie and I termed years go, the ‘whole nurse.’”

The scholarship has surpassed the endowment level of $100,000. Interest earned from the fund will go to students, while the principal remains untouched.

If you would like to make a gift to this scholarship, please use the attached envelope or call 404-727-6917.

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