A nursing humanitarian

Shauna Mettee

Shauna Mettee, above right with a Bangladeshi nurse, worked last summer to improve treatment in obstetric emergencies.

Shauna Mettee 09MSN/MPH received the Emory University Humanitarian Award, given each year to students who have demonstrated honesty, integrity, and responsibility in serving others.

“Shauna is a registered nurse who not only has extended her own hands but also engaged large numbers of other students to extend theirs,” says Ruth Berkelman of the Rollins School of Public Health. “She’s always gracious, always humble, always giving the credit to others.” Berkelman nominated Mettee for the award.

Indeed, after a week of classes and caring for patients as a registered nurse with Emory’s emergency services, Mettee still finds the time to serve as a board member and volunteer for Mad Housers, an organization that builds shelters for the homeless in Atlanta. 

“What drives me? Oh that’s a good question,” says Mettee. “I think what I’m always trying to do is to create a community where people feel supported and encouraged, where they can achieve their dreams.”


Emory’s MSN/MPH offered this unique opportunity to unite global health with a holistic clinical perspective. 

—Shauna Mettee 09MSN/MPH 


Mettee took a big step toward achieving her own dream, she says, when she enrolled in the schools of nursing and public health. “Emory’s MSN/MPH program offered an opportunity to unite global health with a holistic clinical

Her skill sets came in handy last summer when Mettee went to rural Bangladesh to help improve the treatment of women with obstetric emergencies. However, it was during a CDC internship that she realized what she really wanted to do. “I was going on outbreak investigations with Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officers, including a cholera outbreak in Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. And ever since then it’s been a dream of mine to join them.”

That dream is soon to come true. Mettee will join the U.S. Public Health Service as an EIS officer on July 1.

J. Patrick Adams 09MPH   



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