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Emory, like all universities and colleges, continually seeks private support. Funding allows Emory to recruit faculty, provide undergraduate and graduate scholarships, strengthen facilities, and enable research. In essence, financial support helps ensure the future of Emory. And sometimes gifts can transform the future.

Take a look back to 1914. Coca-Cola founder Asa Candler effectively moved Emory from Oxford, Ga., to Atlanta with his gift of $1 million and 72 acres of land. Another example is the 1979 gift of the Emily and Ernest Woodruff Foundation of $105 million. It was a record sum at the time, the first nine-figure gift to an institution of higher education, galvanizing Emory’s advance into the front rank of American research universities. These gifts, along with thousands of others by alumni, helped set Emory on the course to become what it is today.

Today we’ve reached another crossroad. This fall, Emory publicly announced its comprehensive campaign for the university, with a goal of $1.6 billion. Of that total, the School of Nursing will raise $20 million.

Did you know?

A comprehensive campaign, first and foremost, helps ensure a greater future for the school. But Campaign Emory is also about creating positive change. It’s about grooming the next generation of nursing leaders. It’s about advancing nursing research that improves lives. It’s about reaching beyond the borders of the nursing school to change health care.

Together, you and the School of Nursing can create future nursing leaders. The school has never made its focus to be simply turning out charge nurses. We look for students who have the potential to improve the profession, those who will lead others, tackle issues, and change policy. But nursing students can’t get there alone. Most of them need financial support, especially to participate in service learning opportunities.

We also want to continue to hire the best in faculty and to support their research. Our faculty are studying Alzheimer’s disease, depression in diabetes patients, the intricacies of emergency response teamwork, and how African American families cope with major illness, among many other groundbreaking topics.

This campaign is a big directive, and my office couldn’t lead it alone. We’ve formed a campaign committee for the School of Nursing to help guide our efforts and to make contact with the many alumni and friends of the school. The committee is led by David Allen, 67C, 70D, 75DR, and his wife, Beverly, 68C. They have been active within Emory and the greater Atlanta community for many years. David sits on the board of trustees for the university, the Woodruff Health Sciences Center, Emory Healthcare, and the Emory Clinic. David and Beverly have always appreciated the difficult work of nurses, working with them every day as they did in their own oral surgery practice before retiring. In recent years they saw another side to caregiving during illnesses of family members. They are a natural choice to lead the committee.

Please join us in this campaign for the School of Nursing. Let’s ensure a great future together.

Amy Dorrill

Amy Dorrill
Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations
School of Nursing

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