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Dean Christian Larsen

Over my 30 years at Emory, I have learned many lessons from mentors and colleagues. Among them—

That skill is essential, but skill coupled with teamwork produces exponentially better results. That having the best outcomes requires setting clear goals involving everyone on the team, from physicians and surgeons to nurses, researchers, lab technicians, family members, and patients themselves. That underlying Emory School of Medicine’s long-time motto of Discovered Here, Practiced Here, Taught Here, are the dual truths that we not only work with but also learn from each other. That the most powerful teachers are sometimes our patients, whose best interests must always be our highest goal.    

This book illustrates the many ways every day in which learning together is the cornerstone of all we accomplish and hope to accomplish in medicine here at Emory, both for the good of individual patients and for improving health care as a whole.

Christian P. Larsen, MD, DPhil
Dean, Emory School of Medicine
Carlos & Marguerite Mason Chair

About the Dean:

Larsen took office as dean January 2013. He is also VP for health center integration in Emory’s Woodruff Health Sciences Center and chairs the board of the Emory Clinic. A graduate of Emory College and Emory School of Medicine (class of 1984), he joined the faculty in 1991 and has served in increasingly encompassing leadership roles at Emory ever since.

An internationally recognized leader in transplant surgery and immunology, Larsen was founding director of the Emory Transplant Center. He played a pivotal role in discovering a new class of immunosuppressive drugs, including the co-stimulation blocker belatacept, the first new class of drug to be approved by the FDA for transplant since the 1990s. He was named chair of surgery at Emory in 2009.

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