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Jonathan S. Lewin  
August 5, 2016

Hospital expansion marks important milestone

An important milestone occurred on campus about a month ago, although many may not have noticed it. The north end of the Emory University Hospital J-Wing reached its final height, bringing us that much closer to the completion of this extraordinary new facility.

Yesterday we celebrated the occasion with a topping-out ceremony that was impressively well attended in spite of the heat. As I looked around at the wide variety of people, professions, and organizations present, I was reminded how many people are playing vital roles in the J-Wing's development. This is truly a project by and for the entire Emory and Atlanta communities.

Outstanding Emory and Emory Healthcare leaders have done a tremendous job keeping the project on time and on budget, and they have done so with the guidance and support of many people. At every step of the way, our planning has been guided by teams of physicians, nurses, and other care providers, along with administrators and patient and family advisers. I'm grateful to all of these people for sharing their expertise to help guide critical decisions throughout the process. I also appreciate the many architects, designers, project managers, and skilled and dedicated workers who are bringing the project to life.

I am, as always, grateful for the vision and leadership of both our Woodruff Health Sciences Center and Emory Healthcare Boards and the generous support of the Woodruff Foundation. This project simply would not have been possible without their deep understanding of and commitment to our tripartite mission.

The new facility will enable us to provide the most innovative care possible in the most patient-centered environment imaginable—a space whose every feature was designed with the patient in mind. It will provide unique and unprecedented opportunities for collaboration and innovation in clinical and translational research. And it will offer our medical, nursing, and allied health students the opportunity to learn their craft in the most modern, state-of-the-art facility in the region.

I extend my deepest thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project—and I'm sure there are many whom I've missed. The EUH J-Wing will make immeasurable contributions to all three of our missions and, most important, to all of the people we serve.

Jonathan S. Lewin, MD
Executive VP for Health Affairs
Executive Director, Woodruff Health Sciences Center
President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, Emory Healthcare

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