Please take precautions to avoid office thefts
Wright Caughman  
Wright Caughman  
February 28, 2013

Please take precautions to avoid office thefts

As many of you are aware, buildings in health sciences and in other parts of the university have been the recent target of "office creepers." According to Emory's police department, such a perpetrator typically walks unchallenged throughout buildings, taking advantage of unlocked doors to grab cell phones, laptops, and other unattended personal items.

Please remember to take precautionary steps to minimize opportunities for theft: lock doors and drawers, and avoid leaving items of value out in the open. If you see someone who is unfamiliar to your office, feel free to ask, "May I help you?" If the person's response or actions seem suspicious, don't hesitate to contact the Emory police at 404-727-8005 (non-emergency) or 404-727-6111 (Emory 911 equivalent). These lines are monitored 24/7.

Take care, and thank you.

S. Wright Caughman, MD
Executive VP for Health Affairs
CEO, Woodruff Health Sciences Center
Chairman, Emory Healthcare

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