The vaccine network

Vaccine network

As part of a nationwide clinical trials network to develop vaccines, Emory participated in several clinical studies this summer and fall to gather data about this year's influenza vaccines. It was one of eight centers nationwide that tested two new vaccines for H1N1. The trials allowed the NIH to quickly evaluate the new vaccines to determine their safety and effectiveness.

Two clinical trials at Emory included healthy adults and seniors. In tandem, two pediatric clinical trials for the new vaccine unfolded at the Emory-Children's Center. "Children and young adults are considered among the most vulnerable populations for new and emerging strains of influenza, such as the current H1N1 pandemic," says Emory infectious diseases pediatrician Harry Keyserling, co-director of the Emory Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit. "Vaccines are our most effective public health weapons against influenza." —Robin Tricoles

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