Serving the Elderly and Chronically Ill (2008)

Daughter with elderly mother

Located on a shady hill, near a creek where beavers still build dams, Wesley Woods Center appears a world apart from the busy emergency and specialty care of Emory University Hospital and the Emory Clinic, located a mile down Clifton Road.


Elderly &
Chronically Ill

A Long Ordeal

When Music Helps the Medicine Go Down

But those worlds are linked tightly by the Emory doctors who see patients and teach medical trainees on both campuses, by patients transferred between hospitals, and by Emory Healthcare’s commitment to serving the elderly and others without regard for their ability to pay. Last year, in its 100-bed hospital and outpatient clinic, Wesley Woods treated about 30,000 patients, the majority elderly, with complex, often overlapping health problems. The number of patients has stayed fairly constant over the years, but as personal resources or coverage to pay for complex care have declined, the totals for unreimbursed care have increased. During fiscal year 2007–2008, Wesley Woods provided $4.5 million in unreimbursed care in meeting these needs.

List of care facilities at Wesley Woods