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Research to explore new ways of preventing and treating disease continues to pay off in big ways, saving both lives and dollars.

While costs of doing research are covered in part from agency and foundation grants, the Woodruff Health Sciences Center (WHSC) underwrites many of the facility and infrastructure expenses related to research. Last year, for example, the WHSC invested approximately $107.3 million in research costs that were unrecovered from research sponsors. Such shared investment benefits society at large and creates jobs in the community in the process.

In fiscal year 2012-2013, research awards in the WHSC totaled $474.4 million. Examples include $20 million to support development of better transplant drugs to avoid organ rejection and drug toxicity; a contract of up to $19.4 million for research to develop malaria drugs and vaccines; $11.9 million to study HIV in women; $9.5 million to study brain chemistry involved in bonding and attachment, which is thought to be relevant to autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia; $6 million for AIDS vaccine research; $5.5 million to establish a functional glycomics center to shed light on the role carbohydrates play in disease; $4 million to increase the number of nurses available in coming years to treat veterans, and $1.5 million to help nurses and physicians collaborate to refine inpatient care models that improve quality of care while reducing costs.


Last year, the Woodruff Health Sciences Center’s total investment in research costs unrecovered from sponsors was approximately $107.3 million.


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