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Research is an expensive enterprise, but it’s an investment that continues to yield important dividends.

In fiscal year 2011-2012, research awards in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center totaled $481.7 million, out of Emory University’s $518.6 million total. Success in garnering such awards helps Atlanta’s growing reputation as a leader in drug development and in research aimed at decreasing costs and increasing health care access as well as quality of health care. Examples of awards received over the past year include $31 million for a five-year renewal of the Atlanta Clinical & Translational Science Institute (a partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine and Georgia Tech), $7.5 million for a five-year renewal of Winship Cancer Institute as Georgia’s only National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center, $9 million for a five-year renewal of Emory’s Center for AIDS Research (one of 21 in the country), $4.5 million for a four-year project to improve maternal and newborn survival in Ethiopia, $8.3 million to establish a national Autism Center of Excellence, $11 million from the Department of Defense to test treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder, $7 million to facilitate identification and removal of cancer cells during surgery, several multi-million-dollar grants to support development of vaccines for HIV/AIDS, and $1.5 million to train nurse scientists to develop new means of preventing and treating chronic disease.

Keeping the research engine running requires ongoing investment in research space and infrastructure. Last year the Woodruff Health Sciences Center invested approximately $97.2 million in research costs that were unrecovered from sponsors.


As in any long-term investment, supporting research means building and maintaining facilities and infrastructure to support those doing the research. Last year, the Woodruff Health Sciences Center’s total investment in research costs unrecovered from sponsors was approximately $97.2 million.


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