Community Benefits Report 2011

Extraordinary people

When it comes to jobs and health insurance, the news for Georgians has not been good. The state’s unemployment rate hovers around 10%. As more people have lost jobs, more have found themselves without health coverage. In fact, Georgia now ranks fifth in the nation for the number of uninsured:19% of Georgians 65 or younger, compared with 17% nationally.Long-term unemployment (27 weeks or longer) accounts for a record high percentage of the uninsured. Lack of coverage among Georgia’s so-called “young invincibles,” aged 18 to 24, also continues to rise. What’s more, these numbers are expected to worsen in subsequent reporting,* which means that the number of uninsured is likely to climb even higher.

Virtually every hospital in Georgia has been affected by the growing number of uninsured patients. But Emory Healthcare serves a disproportionate number of patients with extremely complex conditions, many of whom have exhausted family resources and any coverage that may once have existed. At Emory, such patients find clinicians determined to provide the best, most compassionate care possible regardless of these patients’ ability to pay. Read more >>

(*Figures here are from a Georgia State University study released in February 2010. Patient stories throughout this book are real, but patients’ names in most cases have been changed to protect privacy.)