cover 2010

Service, compassion, care

For many Georgians, this past year was especially hard. Unemployment continued above the national average. Six of the 10 counties with the highest rate of bankruptcy filings in the nation were in Georgia, most located in or around Atlanta. The state had the fifth-highest number of medically uninsured people in the United States: almost one in five adults under 65, one in 10 of those under 18, figures Georgia economists expect to rise when new census figures are released. Other Georgians had some insurance—but not enough to cover the illness or injury that brought them to their financial knees.

While every hospital in Georgia felt the impact of this crisis, Emory Healthcare is referred a disproportionate number of patients with extremely complex and challenging illnesses, cases that in many instances have already used up the family’s resources and the limits of any insurance coverage they might have had. These patients, like all who enter the doors of Emory’s hospitals and clinics, receive the best and most compassionate care possible from a health care system that puts service ahead of reimbursement. Read more >>