Serving the elderly and chronically ill

Serving the elderly and chronically ill


Serving the elderly and chronically ill

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What Emory’s Wesley Woods Center does extraordinarily well also makes the geriatric center a nonprofit poster child—meeting the needs of patients in their 70s, 80s, 90s, or beyond as well as those of younger patients requiring extensive wound care, rehab, or respiratory care. Many patients are able to pay for services, but an increasing number are either ineligible for federal or state programs or have already reached the limits of any coverage or personal resources they once had. For more and more of the 30,000 patients seen every year in Wesley Woods Hospital, outpatient clinic, and nursing care facilities, reimbursement falls short, often far short, of the actual costs of providing services.

During fiscal year 2009-2010, expenses at Wesley Woods Center exceeded revenue by $6.2 million, a “negative increase” of 38% over the previous year. While next year is expected to be even worse from an economic point of view, clinicians at Wesley Woods expect to continue to serve as the same source of compassion and hope for their patients that they always have.


Facilities at Emory's Wesley Woods Center

  • Wesley Woods Hospital (100 beds and a 25-bed inpatient hospice service)
  • Wesley Woods Clinic (outpatient primary care)
  • Budd Terrace (250-bed long-term skilled nursing care)
  • Wesley Woods Towers (201-unit residential retirement facility, including 18 units dedicated to personal care)
  • Emory Healthcare also manages Wesley Woods Senior Living retirement facilities located throughout north Georgia.

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