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In fiscal year 2009-2010, Emory Healthcare (EHC) physicians provided $63.5 million in charity care, a number that appears likely to keep rising.

What is charity care? Under EHC policies, charity care encompasses indigent care (for patients with no health insurance, not even Medicaid or Medicare, and no resources of their own) and catastrophic care (for patients who may have some coverage but whose health care bills are so big that to pay them would be impossible or, if possible, would leave their lives further shattered).

In addition to the charity care at EHC facilities listed below, Emory physicians provided enormous amounts of uncompensated care at Grady Memorial Hospital and other hospitals where they practice and in clinics where they volunteer during their free time.


In addition to charity care, Emory Healthcare (EHC) provides numerous other community services whose goal is to improve access to care, advance medical knowledge, and relieve or reduce the burden of government or other community efforts. This year marks EHC’s inaugural effort to quantify and report the value of such services. In fiscal year 2009–2010, this total for EHC was $56.4 million:

■ $2,018,251 for emergency preparedness planning and for educational programs for the public, future health professionals, and patients

■ $54,401,127 shortfall between EHC’s cost to provide care to Medicaid patients and Medicaid reimbursement, plus costs to EHC for the Georgia provider tax



Charity care at Emory Healthcare

Fiscal year 2009–2010

  • Emory University Hospital                              $27,648,929
  • Emory University Hospital Midtown                    16,856,295
  • The Emory Clinic/Emory Children’s Center        18,389,402*  
  • Wesley Woods Center                                         643,170

Total $63,537,796

The $63.5 million total above represents the cost of providing charity care, based on actual expenses to Emory Healthcare. Cost reporting is now standard for calculating charity care totals, as required by the IRS and advocated by the Healthcare Financial Management Association and the Catholic Health Association.

*The total for The Emory Clinic and Emory-Children’s Center also includes Emory Specialty Associates, an outreach physician practice organization within Emory Healthcare.


Fiscal year 2009–2010

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