Charity Care at Emory Healthcare

People without ability to pay for care are not faceless statistics to Emory clinicians but patients in need of care.

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In fiscal year 2008–2009, Emory Healthcare physicians provided $48.9 million in charity care, a total that does not include uncompensated care provided by Emory physicians practicing at publicly funded Grady Memorial Hospital and other affiliate institutions. Charity care includes two types of care: (1) Indigent care refers to care provided to patients with no health insurance, not even Medicare or Medicaid. (2) Catastrophic care refers to care provided to patients who have some coverage but whose medical bills are so large that paying them would be permanently life-shattering.


Charity care at Emory Healthcare

Fiscal year 2008–2009

  • Emory University Hospital                              $17,020,266
  • Emory University Hospital Midtown                   16,781,265
  • The Emory Clinic/Emory Children’s Center         14,341,621
  • Wesley Woods Center                                            767,023

Total $48,910,175*

*This total represents the cost of providing charity care, based on
actual expenses to Emory Healthcare. Cost reporting is now standard
for calculating charity care totals, as required by the IRS and advocated by the Healthcare Financial Management Association and the Catholic Health Association. 


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