Quinn Eastman

Quinn Eastman

Science Writer, Research Communications

404-727-7829 Office

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Quinn Eastman writes about basic and clinical biomedical research at Emory. His coverage areas include cancer, neuroscience, cardiac and vascular medicine, respiratory health, immunology and transplantation.

Eastman has a decade of experience wielding a Pipetman in biochemistry labs in the United States and Germany. He earned a Ph.D. at Yale University with work on the mechanism of VDJ recombination. As a postdoc, he studied Wnt signaling at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich.

He joined Health Sciences Communications in 2007 after three years covering local government, business and environmental issues at the North County Times in Escondido, California. He is a 2004 graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz's Science Communication program and a member of the National Association of Science Writers.