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Hard Bargan

Hard Bargain: Life lessons from Prostate Cancer... A Love Story is the result of a journal that Dr. Kenneth Brigham kept soon after his diagnosis with the disease in 1996.

"I kept the journal for myself to help me deal with issues the disease raises," Brigham told an interviewer. "It wasn't until I re-read my journal and had some distance from it, that I felt that it might really help others."

Today Dr. Brigham serves as Emory as Associate Vice President and Director of the Predictive Health Institute.

Excerpts with Sample Quotes

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Introduction - MP3, 3.43 MB Audio Icon
"When told I had cancer, I resolved to write down everything I could about the experience, trying to make the words fit the feeling."

Diary Entries

May 10, 1996 - MP3, 1.85 MB Audio Icon
"I have cancer. I just talked with Jay Smith on the phone and he told me that."

June 8, 1996 - MP3, 1.19 MB Audio Icon
"Perhaps I'm more perceptive now, without my prostate gland -- cancer free and impotent."

June 14, 1996 - MP3, 2.26 MB Audio Icon
"One need not be concerned with the complexities of life's infrastructure until they stop working. Cancer does that; messes up the works."

June 17, 1996 - MP3, 3.17 MB Audio Icon
"On the surface, I would think flying an apt metaphor for surgery: You give up control, you place your life in someone else's hands, you're not responsible if something goes wrong, but I hope I never, never need to have surgery again."

June 20, 1996 - MP3, 2.27 MB Audio Icon
"During my illness so many people have expressed genuine concern. The hardest part is accepting and relishing the love and concern of other people and, paradoxically, letting yourself be loved is the most you can give to another person."

July 9, 1996 - MP3, 3.09 MB Audio Icon
"I had a long telephone conversation with Heather last night, late. For the first time during my illness, she verbalized her concerns and asked all of the questions I wanted her to ask much earlier."

July 10, 1996 - MP3, 2.85 MB Audio Icon
"This place, this land, is not neutral ground. This is ground hallowed by Arlene's love and sweat. She sought it, found it, loved it, and presented it to me to love with her. This is our ground."

July 11, 1996 - MP3, 1.67 MB Audio Icon
"I say to Arlene that we will not live to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. I dislike the thought but it's true."


Lessons from the Summer of the Crab - MP3, 1.87 MB Audio Icon
"Do not contract a potentially fatal disease that killed your father. If you do, deal with the whole thing promptly."

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