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Your gift touches more than just one life

Emory School of Medicine's goal is simple: to make people healthy. Reaching that goal is complex and depends on private support. Through Campaign Emory, the school will continue to education the best doctors, provide the best patient care based on the latest science, and recruit more world-class researchers to find new treatments and cures. Your gift to the school will touch the lives of others, often in profound and unexpected ways.

Please consider making your gift now. Below are several ways you can be a part of the changing medical community and impact the lives of others with your generosity. To speak with someone about how you can have an impact at the School of Medicine, please contact us at 404.727.0462.

Scholarships attract the brightest, most diverse students and free our students to immerse themselves in 21st century medicine.  As the cost of medical education increases nationwide, scholarships allow students to concentrate on medicine – without an overwhelming debt load, which often surpasses $150,000. Scholarship support means more physicians can choose to work with vulnerable populations where they’re most needed. In that way, scholarship gifts are among the most meaningful investments a donor can make.

  • 1915 Society: In 2006, the School of Medicine formed this new society honoring the year the School of Medicine moved to the Emory campus. All alumni and friends who give $1,915 or more annually to the Alumni Scholarship Fund are considered members of the 1915 Society, and first time donors will be recognized with an engraved paving stone around the fountain of the medical education building.
  • Adopt-a-Doc Scholars: With an investment of $5,000 each year for four years, the named Adopt-a-Doc Scholars will support an Emory School of Medicine student throughout his or her education.
  • Named Endowed Scholarships: An endowed scholarship is a lasting tribute to the individual for whom it is named and an ongoing source of much-needed funding for Emory medical students. With an investment of $100,000 over a three or four year period, a named endowed scholarship are guaranteed through named endowment funds, and a major portion of the interest income provides much need tuition relief. The remainder of the interest income is returned to the fund’s corpus to protect against inflation and permit the endowment to grow over time.

Fund for Emory Medicine
Your annual support makes an immediate impact as gifts are unrestricted to allow us to address our most urgent priorities including medical education and training, research, and patient care.

  • Join the 834 Club!
    Making a gift has never been this simple, this painless, and this important. To be part of the 834 Club, all you have to do is make a monthly gift of $8.34 or any amount ending in 8.34 including $48.34, $88.34, etc. via credit or debit card. That’s one less triple venti soy latte, one less pizza, one less movie rental with popcorn and candy. It’s also one less check to write, one less stamp to find, and fewer pledge reminders from us. The 834 Club reduces administrative costs so that we can reserve resources for our extraordinary medical students.

Global Health Field Experience
In August 2007, after nearly three years of planning, Emory School of Medicine implemented an innovative medical curriculum. The new curriculum reflects the extraordinary advances taking place in biomedical science, meets the needs of an ever-changing local and global healthcare environment, takes advantage of the unique educational resources in Atlanta, and respects the intellectually-gifted and highly-motivated students who choose to come to Emory.

To design the new curriculum, faculty and students embraced the concept of a longer, more in-depth Discovery Phase.  The Discovery Phase, mandatory for all students, may be spent in any field, but must be related to medicine, be closely mentored, and result in a final product approved by the mentor.  The minimum time period for this phase is five months and may be extended to nine months by using elective months available during the Translations Phase. 

As an option for their Discovery Phase, Emory medical students will have the opportunity to complete a global health field experience in conjunction with the Emory Global Health Institute’s Field Scholars Awards Program. Field Scholars can work individually with organizational partners or participate in interdisciplinary teams that conduct short-term global health projects in partnership with in-country organizations. Since the Field Scholars Program’s founding in 2007, Emory medical students have participated in a variety of global health projects, addressing topics such as diabetes prevention interventions in India, safe water and sanitation solutions in Latin America, nutrition in the Republic of Georgia, and tropical infectious diseases prevention and treatment in immigrant communities in the United States.

For students to be able to pursue a global-health-focused Discovery Phase, the Medical School seeks to raise $60,000 per year in expendable funds. The School of Medicine anticipates approximately twenty students will pursue the field experience each year, resulting in needed funds of $3,000 per student per year.

Faculty Support
Teaching Awards recognize outstanding teaching within the Emory School of Medicine and are presented annually to faculty members selected by students and peers.  Named teaching awards begin at $20,000 and help the recipient spend more time in the classroom mentoring and teaching students. Other ways to support faculty are through funding research programs or endowing a professorship or chair.

Research Funds
Research funds enable talented investigators to develop promising leads that other funders, such as federal sources, might not be willing to support at early stages of discovery. Findings made possible by endowed funds can be leveraged to secure major funding from the NIH and other federal granting agencies. Named training funds begin with a philanthropic investment of $50,000.

Specialty Fund Support for Medical Resident and Fellow Alumni
Annual gifts from alumni to Residency and Fellowship Training programs enable departments to provide trainees with various opportunities to enhance their Emory residency experience. Gifts to these programs provide funding for research, educational conferences, recruitment efforts, international electives, experienced and talented program leadership, visiting professorships and lectureships, equipment, book allotments, and the list goes on. Most importantly, your gifts help Emory to continue attracting the brightest and most enthusiastic students to careers in clinical care, education, and research.

Please direct your annual gift to the department of your choice or consider a gift to the unrestricted annual fund, the Fund for Emory Medicine.   

For information about how you can make a planned gift to Emory, click here.

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