Emory Healthcare

Jonathan S. Lewin, MD, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board

Ira Horowitz, MD, Interim EHC Physician Group President

Dane Peterson, MBA, EHC Hospital Group President

Emory Healthcare

The most comprehensive health system in Georgia, Emory Healthcare (EHC) includes Emory University Hospital, Emory University Hospital Midtown, Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital, Emory Rehabilitation Hospital, Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital, Emory Johns Creek Hospital, Emory University Hospital Smyrna, Emory Clinic, Emory Specialty Associates (ESA), facilities at Emory Wesley Woods Campus, and the Emory Healthcare Network. EHC includes a joint venture with Select Medical for rehabilitation medicine and is also affiliated with Stratus Healthcare, a nonprofit alliance of care providers located primarily in Central and South Georgia. 

In fiscal year 2016, EHC had $3 billion in net revenue and provided $72.3 million in charity care. It has 16,204 staff employees and 1,976 hospital beds (128 additional beds coming online in 2017). Annual hospital admissions total 71,705, and outpatient service visits, 4.4 million. In fiscal year 2016, EHC clinicians saw 613,253 individual patients. In addition to Emory Clinic and ESA locations, the Emory Healthcare Network partners with MinuteClinic and Peachtree Immediate Care and SmartCare urgent care providers throughout metro Atlanta.

Emory University Hospital

Bryce Gartland, MD, CEO
(founded 1904) 

An adult, tertiary/quaternary care facility, Emory University Hospital (EUH) has 605 licensed beds, including 82 beds at the Wesley Woods campus. A 450,000-square-foot hospital tower addition to EUH opening in 2017 will increase licensed beds by 128 to 733 total beds. Staffed by 1,374 Emory medical faculty physicians, EUH includes 93 ICU beds and a Serious Communicable Diseases Unit where the first Ebola patients in the U.S. were treated. Patients in fiscal year 2016: 22,654 inpatient admissions and 166,748 outpatient service visits. Staff employees: 3,759, including those at EUH at Wesley Woods.

EUH has the nation’s fifth busiest solid organ transplant center and is also long known for services in cardiology, cardiac surgery, oncology, neurology/neurosurgery, and orthopaedics. EUH is a "Magnet" hospital, a designation earned by only 6% of U.S. hospitals for nursing excellence. EUH has one of the highest case-mix indexes (a measure of complexity of illness treated) of any hospital in the country. In 2016 U.S. News & World Report again ranked EUH the No. 1 hospital in both metro Atlanta and Georgia. For 19 years running, Atlanta health care consumers have named EUH the Consumer’s Choice Award winner. 

EUH has an annex at the Wesley Woods Campus that provides adult psychiatric care. EUH at Wesley Woods had 831 admissions in 2016.

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Emory University Hospital Midtown

Daniel Owens, MBA, CEO
(founded 1908) 

A tertiary care facility, Emory University Hospital Midtown (EUH Midtown) has 529 licensed beds and is staffed by 1,308 Emory School of Medicine faculty and 444 private practice physicians. EUH Midtown has 86 ICU beds, in addition to a level III neonatal intensive care unit. Patients in fiscal year 2016: 22,749 admissions and 240,468 outpatient service visits. Staff employees: 2,860. 

EUH Midtown has a high case-mix index and is well known for services in cardiology, cardiac surgery, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, cancer, orthopaedics, and emergency medicine. Women’s services include prenatal and postnatal education, bone density testing, mammography, and obstetrics, with specialization in high-risk pregnancy. 

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Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital

Bryce Gartland, MD, CEO
June Connor, RN/MN, COO/CNO 
(founded 2007) 

An extension of Emory University Hospital's acute care services, Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital is located in Tucker, Ga. It has 120 licensed beds and seven ORs and has ranked in the top 10% of hospitals in the country for nine years in patient satisfaction. It is a "Magnet" hospital, a designation earned by only 6% of U.S. hospitals for nursing excellence from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Patients in fiscal year 2016: 3,079 admissions. Staff employees: 257.

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Emory Rehabilitation Hospital

Eric Garrard, CEO (Emory Healthcare-Select Medical Joint Venture
(founded 1976) 

Emory Rehabilitation Hospital (ERH) has 56 beds and is staffed by 92 Emory faculty physicians. ERH is part of a joint venture with Select Medical, which also includes 24 outpatient rehab facilities and a day rehab program. Specializing in stroke, ERH is one of the nation’s highest acuity rehabilitation hospitals. Patients in fiscal year 2016: 1,013 admissions and 115,616 outpatient service visits. Emory Rehabilitation Joint Venture employees: 341.

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Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

Heather Dexter, MBA, MHA, CEO
(founded 1880) 

An acute care facility in the north metro area, Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital (ESJH) has 410 beds. It has 435 Emory medical faculty physicians, 548 private practice physicians, and 23 Emory Specialty Associate physicians on its medical staff. Noted especially for cardiac care, ESJH provides training to physicians from around the world in robotic surgery for valve repair and is a primary location for cardiac rehabilitation. The hospital is noted also for cancer, neurologic, vascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and orthopaedic care, and is ranked among the top 25 hospitals nationally for joint replacement by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. ESJH has 62 ICU beds and is a "Magnet" hospital, recognized for its nursing excellence by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Patients in 2016: 14,484 admissions and 120,545 outpatient service visits. Staff employees: 1,802. 

Community services include free health screenings and in-kind donations to local organizations supporting the homeless and indigent.

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Emory Johns Creek Hospital

Marilyn Margolis, MSN, CEO
(founded 2007) 

Located in the north metro area, Emory Johns Creek Hospital (EJCH) is a 110-bed acute care facility staffed by 325 Emory faculty, 392 private practice physicians, and 41 Emory Specialty Associate physicians. Services include emergency medicine, a birth center with level III neonatal intensive care, adult intensive care, an infusion center, breast imaging with 3-D tomography, a certified bariatric center, advanced cardiac and stroke care, sleep medicine, and a pain center. EJCH patients in 2016: 6,895 admissions and 70,067 outpatient service visits. Staff employees: 797. 

A community institution, EJCH partners with local churches, police, fire, and other organizations to offer health and wellness screenings and educational events for women, the elderly, and other patient populations.

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Emory University Hospital Smyrna

Daniel Owens, MBA, CEO
(founded 1974) 

Located in the northwest metro area, Emory University Hospital Smyrna (formerly Emory-Adventist Hospital) recently transitioned from a joint venture to being wholly owned by Emory. This 88-bed facility is currently undergoing major renovation. 

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Emory Clinic

Ira Horowitz, MD, Interim Director
Heather Hamby, Chief Business Officer, Physician Group Practice
(founded 1953)

The largest, most comprehensive group practice in Georgia, the Emory Clinic has 1,466 Emory faculty physicians, 350 nurse practitioners, and 283 physician assistants, with locations throughout the city and state. Nonphysician employees: 3,235. Patient service visits in fiscal year 2016: 2,998.955.

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Emory Specialty Associates

Heather Hamby, Chief Business Officer, Physician Group Practice
Maureen Haldeman, MBA, MHA, Chief Administrative Officer 
(founded 2006)

In addition to the Emory Clinic, Emory Healthcare provides outpatient care via Emory Specialty Associates (ESA), an outreach physician practice organization with 34 locations in 11 counties throughout Georgia. ESA has 128 non-faculty physicians; 50 nurse practitioners; and 56 physician assistants. Employees: 754. Patient service visits in fiscal year 2016: 671,346.

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Emory Wesley Woods Campus

Jennifer Schuck, MBA, Associate Administrator
(founded 1954)

Emory Wesley Woods Campus includes the following Emory Healthcare locations: 

• Budd Terrace (John Pulliam, administrator), a 250-bed nursing care facility

 Emory University Hospital at Wesley Woods 

• Wesley Woods Towers (Terry Barcroft, President & CEO) is a 158-apartment residential retirement community, with 36 licensed personal care apartments housed on two floors. It is managed by  Wesley Woods Senior Living, Inc. 

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Emory Healthcare Network

Patrick Hammond, MHA, CEO
Scott Boden, MD, Chairman of the Board

The Emory Healthcare Network (EHN) is a clinically integrated network (CIN) with nearly 2,000 Emory and private practice physicians and seven hospitals. EHN was formed to improve care coordination and quality outcomes as well as control costs for patients and the community. It is the most comprehensive academically based CIN in Georgia, with 200 provider locations across the state, and its physicians practice in more than 70 specialties, including more than 220 who practice primary care. EHN also includes nearly 60 MinuteClinics and Peachtree Immediate Care and SmartCare urgent care locations throughout metro Atlanta.

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