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June 22, 2003


Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital Director of Nursing Selected 2003 GREAT Ambassador

ATLANTA ≠ Becky Provine did not choose to be a nurse, nursing chose her. She says it was her destiny.

From the age of five, Provine, RN, MSN, CS, began telling her family and friends she was going to be a nurse when she grew up. As youth melted into adolescence and adulthood, her childhood dream never wavered.

"I had no family members in the field, no real exposure to the world of nursing," Provine says. "I just knew I wanted to be a nurse. It was always my goal. In high school, I knew this would be my next step."

Provine, director of nursing for Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital, was selected as a 2003 G.R.E.A.T. Ambassador from the Georgia Hospital Association.

The G.R.E.A.T (giving recognition for excellence, advocacy and teamwork) Ambassador Recognition Program was developed to recognize health care professionals throughout the state who have shown a commitment to their hospitals, patients, community and profession.

"Iím proud that anyone thinks what I do is excellent," Provine said. "But Iím most proud of my recognition for advocacy and teamwork."

As a manager, Provine is no longer a bedside nurse, but patient advocacy is still as important to her today as it was when she was working on the patient care front lines.

"Managers are still very much patient advocates ≠ the decisions I make are for our patients. I also advocate for our staff, so they in turn can be better patient advocates."

Provine has seen a lot of changes in her more than 30 years as a nurse. "Today there are fewer staff, but we are asking more from them. That is why teamwork is so important. Without teamwork, we could not do our jobs, and I do whatever I can to promote teamwork."

For Provine, nursing has been a rewarding career, and she offers advice for anyone considering going into the field. "Donít limit yourself early in your career, leave your options open. I never thought that I would go into management, but it is something that I really enjoy. Nursing has endless possibilities."

About G.R.E.A.T.
The G.R.E.A.T Ambassador Recognition program, sponsored by the Georgia Hospital Association, celebrates the pride that health care employees have in their work and the contributions that they make to their patients, their hospital, their community and their profession. Criteria for the GREAT Ambassadors include:

  • Demonstrating commitment to the organization, co-workers and patients
  • Contributing to a positive workplace environment and demonstrating pride and commitment in career choice
  • Advocating for health careers through precepting, mentoring, supporting students or community involvement

About Emory Hospitals
Emory Hospitals include Emory University Hospital, a 587-bed hospital located on the Emory University campus in northeast Atlanta, Emory Crawford Long Hospital, a 583-bed, community-based hospital in midtown and Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital, a 100-bed hospital located on the Emory campus. Emory Hospitals are components of EMORY HEALTHCARE, the most comprehensive health care system in Atlanta. Other components of EMORY HEALTHCARE are: The Emory Clinic, the Emory Children's Center, the jointly owned Emory-Adventist Hospital, and EHCA, LLC, a limited liability company created in collaboration with HCA Healthcare.



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