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July 3, 2003


Emory Center For Health And Aging Presents Wellness Program For Senior Citizens "Secrets For Staying Young"

The Emory Center for Health in Aging will present the Senior University from July 8 ≠ August 12. The six-session program, "Secrets for Staying Young," will bring information to the senior community from experts in the field of aging and wellness. Seniors in the community looking to living long and well are invited to learn more about the normal aging process, and about the research and data that supports the matured life.

The one-hour classes will be held at 11:15 a.m. on six consecutive Tuesdays beginning July 8 at the Emory Center for Lifelong Learning, located at 1256 Briarcliff Rd. in Atlanta, approximately one-half mile from the main Emory campus. Participants may register for the class by calling (404) 727-6000.

Lois Ricci, community education coordinator for the Center for Health and Aging, planned the program in conjunction with the Emory Academy for Retired Professionals. "None of us will stay young forever, but we can all look forward to feeling young as we age," Ricci says.

July 8
Sleep Disorders: I Donít Sleep Like A Baby Anymore
Kathy Parker, PhD, RN, FAAN associate professor of adult and elder health, Rollins School of Public Health
Sleep is a universal human need and recent research in the field has demonstrated that it is essential for optimal health and well being. Unfortunately sleep-related problems and sleep deprivation is rapidly becoming a major public health problem. Dr. Parker will highlight many of the contributions that sleep researchers at Emory have made toward achieving an increased understanding of the important interactions among sleep, health and illness.

July 15
Safety in the Home: Preventing Falls and Mishaps
Karen Maloney, supervisor of occupational therapy and rehabilitation services at Wesley Woods Hospital

July 22
Memory and Aging: Tips, Tricks and Strategies
Katharina Echt, PhD, is a research health scientist at the Atlanta VA Medical Center and assistant director of the Emory University Center for Health.
Dr. Echt will present a summary of research findings concerning how memory changes with aging, the factors that affect the ability to remember when growing older, and what can be done about changes in memory with age.

July 29
Cancer Control: Everybody Doesnít Have It
The Winship Cancer Institute's (WCI) mission is committed to accelerating discoveries that prevent and cure cancer, and accelerating their translation to care of the patient. A WCI staff member will be on hand to provide information about cancer incidence rates and cancer prevention.

August 5
Senior Rip Off: Just Say No
Miriam Collins from the Governorís Office of Consumer Affairs will discuss consumer protection issues for seniors and how to avoid scams and frauds.

August 12
Alternative Medicine: Does It Really Work?
In recent years, interest has revived in the use of non-traditional approaches and supplements to treat diseases. Some of these alternative approaches, such as acupuncture, yoga, massage and herbs, may be beneficial when appropriately integrated with traditional medicine. However, consumers must be aware of the differences and risk factors associated with the inappropriate integration of alternative medicine with traditional medicine. The session will be taught by Lois Ricci, community education coordinator for the Emory Center for Health and Aging.

For more information about the "Secrets For Staying Young" series, call Seymour Lavine on Tuesdays at (404) 872-5569 or Lois Ricci at (404) 728-6677.

The Center for Health and Aging was established in January 2001 to develop interdisciplinary research, training and educational program in aging and geriatrics within Emory University and the community in order to help people age in health, affordable, ethical and enjoyable ways. The Center reflects Emoryís increased commitment to the importance and effectiveness of interdisciplinary collaborations in the field of aging.

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