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May 9, 2002


John Fox Promoted to CEO of Emory Healthcare

Dr. Michael M.E. Johns has announced the promotion of John Fox, president and chief operating officer of Emory Healthcare since April 1999, to president and chief executive officer. The appointment was approved this morning (Thursday) by the Emory University Board of Trustees Executive Committee.

As Chairman of the Board of Directors for Emory Healthcare (as well as Director of The Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center, of which Emory Healthcare is the clinical arm), Dr. Johns will continue to oversee strategy and direction of Emory Healthcare as he does with the three professional schools and other units that comprise the Woodruff Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Johns called Mr. Fox's appointment as CEO an important step in the continuing evolution of Emory Healthcare into a fully integrated, patient-centered health system better able to respond to competitive forces in the Atlanta health care market place.

"John Fox has proven to be the pivotal change agent we wanted when we brought him on board three years ago, and this position will give him a chance to build on that role," said Dr. Johns. "He understands the variables impacting today's healthcare marketplace, and he has the experience, knowledge, and ability to deal with marketplace challenges while enhancing the many opportunities within Emory Healthcare."

Dr. Johns also has streamlined the executive reporting relationships within the system. The heads of The Emory Clinic, The Emory Children's Center, and Emory Hospitals, including Emory University Hospital, Emory Crawford Long Hospital, and Wesley Woods Center, will now report directly to Mr. Fox.

"I am pleased and honored to be charged with primary responsibility for moving Emory Healthcare forward as one of our nationŐs premier health care systems," says Fox. "I look forward to working closely with Dr. Johns and the Board and everyone on the Emory Healthcare team to make Emory Healthcare a model for highest quality, patient centered care."

As CEO of Emory Healthcare Mr. Fox will continue many of the responsibilities he has spearheaded during the past three years, from managed care to service improvement. One of the first challenges he faces is the further integration of the business operations from a patient, customer, and employee perspective. The continuing integration of Emory Healthcare will include for the first time working towards a unified human resources and compensation program for all 8,100 nonfaculty employees of Emory Healthcare's hospitals and clinics, including the Emory Clinic, the Emory Children's Center, Emory University Hospital, Emory Crawford Long Hospital, and Wesley Woods Center.

Mr. Fox also will continue to work closely with Dr. Johns and with Thomas Gilbert on the operation of EHCA, LLC, a joint venture established between Emory Healthcare and HCA-The Healthcare Company in 1999. Dr. Johns is Chairman of the Board of EHCA, and Mr. Gilbert is President and CEO.

Mr. Fox came to Emory in April 1999 from Clarian Health System in Indianapolis, where he served as executive vice president. Earlier in his career, from1987 to 1989, he served as vice president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where he worked with Dr. Johns, who was at that time associate dean of clinical practice at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Mr. Fox is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Cincinnati, where he earned his MBA.

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