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July 26, 2002


Electronic Textbook Brings Fundamentals of Epidemiology to Life

Emory University epidemiologist David Kleinbaum, PhD, is introducing a new tool to teach the fundamentals of epidemiology. With the help of Data Description Inc., an educational multimedia development firm, Dr. Kleinbaum designed ActivEpi, the first interactive electronic textbook for epidemiology.

ActivEpi uses a full range of learning activities including video and animated expositions, narrated instructional expositions, interactively-designed exercises and linkages to the World Wide Web.

" It is appropriate for people at all levels of experience," says Dr. Kleinbaum "From public health and medical students to public health professionals and medical researchers, everyone can benefit from the interactive methods used to each the concepts."

Not only is ActivEpi versatile for different audiences, but it also lends itself to a variety of teaching formats, says Dr. Kleinbaum. The CD-ROM and its companion text can be used in on-campus courses, distance learning programs or for self-paced learning.

"The multimedia format fully engages the user in the learning process. Users can replay the expositions and activities until they grasp the concept. This makes for better understanding and retention," Dr. Kleinbaum says.

A number of professors in the Rollins School of Public Health plan to incorporate ActivEpi and its companion text into their classes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funded part of the project and will utilize the ActivEpi for addressing their increasing demands to provide training to public health professionals in the Unites States and abroad.

The ActivEpi CD (US $69.95) and the ActivEpi Companion Text (US $29.95) will be available for purchase from Springer-Verlag in September 2002.

Dr. Kleinbaum is both nationally and internationally known for his textbooks and teaching at all levels. In addition to ActivEpi, Dr. Kleinbaum has published 4 widely acclaimed textbooks on epidemiological and biostatistical methods. He has taught over 125 short courses to a variety of audiences throughout the world over the past 30 years. He has received outstanding teacher awards both at Emory University and previously at the University of North Carolina, including Emory's prestigious Emory Williams Distinguished Teaching Award in May 2000.

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