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December 18, 2000 



Emory School of Medicine and The Emory Clinic offers the Emory MiniMedical School Tuesday, Feb. 6, and it runs for four consecutive Tuesday evenings.

Continue -- or begin -- your MiniMedical education with this course, which introduces you to diagnostic skills and tests. We'll continue to cover some of the basic systems, such as the eye, the ear, blood, and skin. In addition, experienced Emory physicians will explain how doctors use diagnostic tests and sophisticated imaging techniques to solve the mysteries of differential diagnosis. By learning more about the body's systems and how doctors diagnose disease, you'll be able to help your own doctor by collecting and providing information to aid the diagnostic/treatment process.

The class will be held from 7-9 p.m., Feb. 6 through Feb. 27, in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Administration Building auditorium on the Emory campus. No science or medical background necessary. Students receive handouts, refreshments each evening before class, and a diploma at graduation. Students can register through Evening at Emory at 404/727-6000.

Lectures are:

February 6
Blood, Christopher Hillyer, MD
Skin, Carl Washington, MD
February 13
The Eye, Thomas Aaberg, Sr., MD

The Ear, Douglas Mattox, MD
February 20
History Taking and Differential Diagnosis, David Roberts, MD
Pap Smears and Tumor Biopsies, C. Whitaker Sewell, MD
February 27
MRI and CT Scans, Patricia Hudgins, MD

Nuclear Medicine, Naomi Alazraki, MD

Chest X-ray and Radiation, Kay Vydareny, MD

Graduation ceremony with presentation of diplomas, Michael M.E. Johns, MD

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