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WHSC News Releases for September 1999

September 22 '99 NELL HODGSON WOODRUFF SCHOOL OF NURSINGOPENS DOORS TO THE FUTUREWITH NEW BUILDING, NEW LEADER NEW PH.D. PROGRAMEmory University administrators will do more today than break ground for a new building for the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. University and Health Sciences leaders will also formally welcome Marla E. Salmon, R.N., Sc.D., an internationally renowned leader in nursing recently recruited to head the school. They will acknowledge the matriculation this fall of the nursing school's first class of doctoral students. And they will unveil plans for a facility carefully designed to integrate high-tech learning and advanced research capabilities with spaces that encourage informal faculty/student interaction and invite collaboration with faculty and students from around campus. FULL ST ORY
September 2 '99  EMORY NEUROSCIENTISTS USE BRAIN IMPLANT TO HELP PARALYZED AND SPEECH-IMPAIRED PATIENTS COMMUNICATE VIA COMPUTER Neuroscientists at Emory University School of Medicine and Neural Signals, Inc. who last year implanted a neurotrophic electrode into the brain of a paralyzed, speech-impaired patient, continue to help the patient learn to communicate by moving a cursor on a computer screen. Following the brain implant almost a year ago in March 1998, the patient first learned to express himself by indicating phrases on the computer screen such as "I am thirsty" and "It was nice talking to you." More recently he has learned to move the cursor to letters of the alphabet and spell his own name and the name of his doctors. FULL ST ORY
September 2 '99

PROTEIN TEAMWORK IS NECESSARY FOR BRAIN PROCESSES INVOLVING EMORY AND LEARNING According to recent findings by Emory University scientists, memory and learning are dependent upon the collaboration of specific proteins in the brain that are separated by the small gap between communicating neurons. FULL STO RY
September 2 '99 VIRTUAL REALITY THERAPY HELPS VIETNAM VETERANS COPE WITH POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS The sound of a low-flying helicopter brings to mind rush-hour traffic reporters or police surveillance to most people. But for many veterans of the Vietnam War, the distant whir of a helicopter's rotating blades or the pop of firecrackers may precipitate terrifying and uncontrollable re-experiencing of the war, called flashbacks. FULL STO RY
September 2 '99

Emory Cancer Researcher Studies Virus Linking AIDS, Kaposi's Sarcoma An Emory cancer researcher has found the virus that causes Kaposi's sarcoma may also prevent medication used to treat the disease from working. FULL STO RY

September 2 '99  ENZYME DISCOVERY MAY LINK UNDERLYING PROCESSES IN CANCER AND HEART DISEASE Scientists at Emory University have discovered a new family of enzymes that appears to play a powerful role in generating the abnormal cell growth that occurs in both cancer and in some forms of cardiovascular disease. The enzymes appear to convert oxygen into a class of molecules known as "reactive oxygen", which has long been implicated in causing damage to cellular molecules such as DNA and in the aging process. The research is reported in the Sept. 2, 1999 issue of Nature.. FULL STO RY
September 2 '99 OLDER ADULTS NEEDED FOR EMORY STUDY OF NIGHTTIME INCONTINENCE Persons age 65 and older are invited to volunteer for a study of nocturia (increased nighttime urine production) being conducted at the Emory University School of Medicine.Researchers are especially interested in recruiting minority adults and older persons who do not have bladder problems..FULL STOR Y
September 2 '99

DIVINE INTERVENTION:Spiritual Side of Advanced Nursing Practice will be Discussed by Nurse/Priest at Emory's Next Great Teachers Lecture Sometimes, even receiving the best medicine has to offer isn't enough. Just ask a person living with AIDS. That's when nurse practitioner James C. Pace, RN, DSN, turns to a more ecumenical style of healing -- that fostered by spirituality -- and one that he has encouraged for more than 10 years in his dual vocation as an Episcopal priest. FULL STOR Y

September 1 '99 EMORY "LUNCH-N-LEARN" TO FOCUS ON GYNECOLOGIC CANCER The Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University is offering a free "Lunch-N-Learn" seminar as part of Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. The discussion will be led by Emory Clinic physician Ira Horowitz, MD, and will focus on diagnosis, prevention and treatment of ovarian, uterine, cervical and other gynecologic cancers. FULL STOR Y

September 1 '99

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KEEP IT SIMPLE: Simple Health Messages Can Significantly Improve Health Behavior, including Doc/Patient Relationship, per JAMA Paper Pneumonia vaccination rates increased five-fold among older, low-literacy adults when patients where given one-page handouts asking them to speak with their physician about the vaccine, report researchers from Emory University in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association. FULL STOR Y
September 1 '99 EMORY HEALTHCARE OFFERS FREE PROSTATE CANCER SCREENINGS Emory Healthcare is offering free prostate cancer screenings during the month of September. The screening exam will consist of a blood test for prostate cancer (prostate-specific antigen or PSA) and a digital rectal exam (DRE). FULL STOR Y

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