April 1998

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The Osteoporosis Research Office at The Emory Clinic is conducting two studies using different doses of an approved medication used for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, or bone brittleness.

All participants will receive the active medication Fosamax; there will be no placebo group. Participating requires about eight visits over a two-year period to The Emory Clinic, Building A, 1365 Clifton Rd., N.E., Atlanta.

If you are a women between 40-90 years of age, in good health, and not taking estrogen (or other prescription bone-building medication), and are interested in participating, please call Sandra Huff, R.N., or Sheila O'Neal, R.N., at 404/ 727-1294 and leave your name and daytime phone number.

Volunteers must be post-menopausal (surgical or natural). All procedures (lab work, bone density studies, X-rays and office visits) and medication associated with the study will be provided free of charge, as well as parking.


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