March 10, 1997

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Geoffrey Broocker, M.D., resident program director at the Emory Eye Center, recently was awarded the Walthour-DeLaPerriere Chair in Ophthalmology. This chair was created through estate gifts of two sisters, Lilla Mae Walthour and Lena Stanton DeLaPerriere.

In addition, Reay Brown, M.D., director of the glaucoma service at the Eye Center, was named the Firman Professor of Ophthalmology. Mrs. Pamela H. Firman helped establish this professorship to honor Dr. Brown, who treated her for a severe glaucoma problem.

"Dr. Broocker and Dr. Brown are gifted ophthalmologists, researchers and teachers," said Thomas Aaberg, M.D., director of the Eye Center. "Dr. Broocker heads our residency program at Grady Memorial Hospital. During his nine-year tenure here, he has led more than 50 residents to successful careers in ophthalmology." Many of Dr. Broocker's graduate residents have started thriving private practices or assumed positions at major academic eye centers, including Emory. Several have become community leaders.

"At a time when our national impetus in academic centers focuses on financial productivity," said Dr. Broocker, "I am deeply honored that the university's administrators, trustees and ophthalmology chairman highlighted the performance of a teacher and overseer of educational concerns."

"Dr. Brown also is an exemplary member of our faculty," continued Dr. Aaberg. "He is currently principal clinical investigator on two National Institutes of Health-sponsored studies. He developed a surgical instrument used during glaucoma surgery. He also received a patent recently on a surgical implant he developed that helps manage the symptoms of glaucoma." Dr. Brown has been at the Eye Center since 1988.

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