August 15, 1997

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ATLANTA - Aug. 17, 1997 -- The newest of EMORY HEALTHCARE's health centers, opening today at 1525 Clifton Rd., is a showcase for the best of modern health care, combining state-of-the-art preventive medicine with Emory's tradition of advanced medical treatment in a setting designed to serve busy, active people. In addition to the programs of The Emory Clinic, the 1525 Building also focuses on health and wellness with the programs of Emory's Rollins School of Public Health.

"We're especially proud of the 1525 Building because it brings together EMORY HEALTHCARE's growing programs in preventive medicine and wellness and those of the Rollins School of Public Health," said Michael M. E. Johns, M.D., executive vice president for Health Affairs and chief executive officer for EMORY HEALTHCARE. "This kind of interaction is one of the things that makes health care at Emory so distinctive and so strong. Programs offered at the 1525 Building should place Emory at the forefront of preventive medicine available to Atlantans as well as patients from across the nation and around the world."

The 1525 Building matches a wide range of health care services with the rapidly growing interest in active health management and wellness in today's high-stress world. Housed in a five-story, 80,000-square-foot facility with a directly accessible parking deck, the 1525 Building programs offer avenues for preventive health with 25 Emory Clinic primary care physicians, practicing in internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, and occupational health.

This focus on health management underscores the unique corporate wellness component of the center, covering all areas of treatment and prevention regarding on-the-job injuries and illnesses to employer-mandated health screenings and the promotion of worksite health and wellness. For example, patient evaluations are provided for individuals with toxicologic, pulmonary and other complaints related to workplace and environmental exposures.

The TravelWell Program at the 1525 Building is designed to provide a specialized service to those traveling from the United States to other countries, as well as those visiting the United States from abroad. Through infectious disease specialists with expertise in geographic medicine, the program provides travelers with comprehensive pre- and post-travel medical care and an important focus on education. Services include medical history review, immunizations and educational sessions for patients and their employers.

"Emory's passionate commitment to health care has been trusted for generations throughout Georgia and the nation, and we expect to renew this with every patient every day at the 1525 Building," said Rein Saral, M.D., director of The Emory Clinic, and president, EMORY HEALTHCARE. "The programs at the Clinic's 1525 Building will allow for seamless communication between Emory primary care physicians and specialists, ensuring patients the best continuum of care." The Emory Clinic currently has 15 health care center locations throughout metropolitan Atlanta with over 100 primary care physicians and a small number of specialists who practice at some of these locations.

The 1525 Building will house physicians and specialists offering an array of services including traditional internal, cardiac, family medicine and gynecology. The facility provides on-site access for pharmacy, radiology and laboratory services. Within the year, the 1525 Building will include two full-time pediatricians.

"We are pleased to have this opportunity to provide a comprehensive model of health care that effectively bridges the gaps between preventive medicine, treatment of illness and rehabilitation, all within one location," said William Winkenwerder Jr., M.D., vice president for Primary Care, EMORY HEALTHCARE, and associate director, The Emory Clinic. "Patients can meet with a physician, visit the lab for tests, obtain standard X-rays and pick up prescriptions, all within a single visit. We want all visitors to the 1525 Building to be delighted with the quality and ease of care they receive."


Also housed in the 1525 Building is the M.B. Seretean Center for Health Promotion, a component of Emory's Rollins School of Public Health, which is dedicated to developing and promoting services that enhance the health and well-being of the community. It includes classrooms, conference rooms, a demonstration kitchen for nutritional education, the Phyllis S. Alperin Auditorium, and the Earle B. and Stephanie S. Blomeyer Teaching and Resource Center.

The fitness component is a major part of the total health picture at the 1525 Building. The Earle B. and Stephanie S. Blomeyer Health and Fitness Center is a state-of-the-art facility that will occupy the top floor of the facility. The Center will offer computerized health assessments; personal training; aerobics, step and body sculpting; cybex equipment; stairmasters, treadmills and lifecycles; indoor track; spinning and circuit training.

The 1525 Building is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For appointment information, call Emory HealthConnection at 404-778-7777.

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