September 1, 1996

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Emory MiniMedical School is back for the third year, with classes beginning Sept. 24 and running for eight consecutive Tuesday evenings. Close to 1,000 Atlantans from all walks of life, including many Emory employees, have "graduated" from what Evening at Emory Director Steve Stoffle calls "hands down the most popular course we've ever offered."

Once again, more than a dozen of the medical school's best known faculty will discuss the functions and diseases of various organs and systems, offering case presentations and ending with an ever-lively question and answer period. Course Director Randy Martin, M.D., associate director of The Emory Clinic and head of the Health Communication Project at Emory, says students don't need a science or medical background, only a desire to learn more about the wonders of the human body, how it works, what can go wrong with it, and how physicians are trained to prevent and treat illnesses.

Plan to shuttle from Michael Street parking deck or find a spot close to the building. You will receive light refreshments, a notebook and handouts, diploma and T-shirt. The last night, November 12, concludes with a lecture on infectious diseases and awarding of diplomas and Emory MiniMedical School T-shirts. Also, don't forget the four-week course on medicine and technology durng the winter months.

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