March 25, 1996
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Included on the "The Best Doctors in America" list published in the March issue of American Health magazine are 14 physicians from the Emory University School of Medicine. The 1,019 physicians named in the list were chosen by 3,200 of their peers at 350 leading academic medical centers across the country. According to the magazine, about 660,000 physicians currently practice in the United States.

The Emory doctors and the medical specialties for which they were chosen include the following:

Thomas M. Aaberg, M.D., ophthalmology/retina professor and chairman, department of ophthalmology

Daniel Barrow, M.D., neurosurgery/cerebrovascular disease professor and chairman, department of neurosurgery

John Bostwick III, M.D., plastic and reconstructive surgery/ breast surgery professor and chairman, department of plastic and reconstructive surgery

Thomas D. Boyer, M.D., gastroenterology/liver disease director, division of digestive diseases professor, department of medicine

Mahlon R. DeLong, M.D., neurology/Parkinson's disease, movement disorders professor and chairman, department of neurology

Spencer B. King III, M.D., cardiology/balloon angioplasty, cardiac catheterization director, Andreas Gruentzig Cardiovascular Center professor, department of medicine, division of cardiology

William P. McGuire, M.D., gynecologic oncology professor, department of medicine, division of hematology/oncology

Joseph I. Miller, M.D., cardiothoracic surgery/lung and esophageal cancer professor, department of surgery, division of cardiothoracic surgery

William E. Mitch, M.D., nephrology/nutrition, kidney failure Garland Herndon Professor of Medicine director, division of renal diseases

Charles B. Nemeroff, M.D., Ph.D., psychiatry/depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's Reunette W. Harris Professor chairman, department of psychiatry

John A. Rock, M.D., infertility/reproductive endocrinology, endometriosis reproductive surgery James R. McCord Professor chairman, department of gynecology and obstetrics

Robert B. Smith III, M.D., vascular surgery/carotid artery disease, diabetes director, division of vascular surgery professor of surgery

William C. Wood, M.D., surgical oncology/breast cancer, g.i. cancer, sarcoma professor and chairman, department of surgery

Andrew M. Yeager, M.D., pediatric hematology/oncology/bone marrow transplants director, division of hematology/oncology professor, department of pediatrics

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