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Each week on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” five surgical interns grapple with the pressures of life inside the fictional Grace Hospital in Seattle.
In March, CNN brought the concept closer to home by airing a drama based on the real day-to-day lives of residents at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.
     “Grady’s Anatomy” shadowed three Emory residents and one Morehouse resident in the trauma unit, in the operating room, on hospital rounds, and at home. It followed CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta as he supervised residents in neurosurgery. And it explored new guidelines that limit residents to 30-hour shifts and no more than 80 hours a week.
     The show’s stars were internal medicine intern Andrea Meinerz, Morehouse general surgery intern Nii Darko, ER intern Robin Lowman, and fifth-year neurosurgery resident Luis Tumialan. The residents’ real lives trumped the drama of their fictional counterparts. Meinerz, whose parents never attended college and whose father is a factory worker, plans to specialize in neurology. She enjoys bird watching, and she plays a mean hand of poker.
     Darko, whose parents immigrated from Ghana, attended prep school in New York City. With no doctors in his family, he drew inspiration from Bill Cosby’s portrayal of Dr. Huxtable on “The Cosby Show.”
     Lowman, a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl from South Carolina, grew up following her father on his hospital rounds. She once considered leaving medicine for Broadway, having lived in New York, recorded her own music, and performed in an off-Broadway show. However, her roots drew her back to medicine and the ER.
     Tumialan, a former Navy diver with a newborn, is honing his skills in the operating room. He particularly enjoys performing cranioplasties, and in his off hours, pumping iron.
     What was it like to be the focus of so much attention during filming for these four young doctors? For more on their experiences in front of the camera, see Behind the scenes of Grady's Anatomy



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