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For several weeks early this fall, the sounds of jackhammers and bulldozers greeted visitors to the Woodruff Health Sciences Center administration building. Next door, demolition crews were busy tearing apart the 1970s-era concrete slab “connector” linking the School of Medicine’s anatomy and physiology buildings.
     In its place, a new teaching and administration building will complete a physical transformation of the 151-year-old medical school, giving it a new home.
     And at the same time the school upgrades the outside, more compelling changes are under way inside. In November, a special steering committee completed work on a completely revamped curriculum that will better prepare students for the realities of medical practice, says medical school dean Thomas Lawley.
     Implementation of the new curriculum will start with the first-year class of 2007, just in time for the opening of the school’s new building.
     “The School of Medicine has the opportunity to create a new standard for medical education,” Lawley said during his annual State of the School address. “We are at a place in our history where we have everything it takes to create this new standard, not just here at Emory but throughout the world.”



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